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Why use a fake name generator?

There are many use cases for a fake name generator such as:

  • System testing – test you website or data base with data that looks real
  • Register at websites that ask for too much information
  • Come up with characters for a fictional story, D&D campaign, Pen Name, or Pseudonym.

Fake IT is the perfect service you can use anytime you need to protect your real identity. Companies demand too much information when registering on their websites. Protect your identity by only providing it when absolutely necessary.

How Realistic are the Identities?

We do our best to make the identities as unique and consistent as possible. Here is a short list of steps we take:

  • We use real cities and matching zip codes in each city and state.
  • Area codes and social security numbers match the address location
  • Height and weight are realistic and computed based on a normal distribution of heights and BMI for the selected gender
  • Names are determined based on the frequency of different names in the year of birth
  • We put lots of effort in our work to ensure identities are realistic
  • We continuously improve our services working to provide the best service

If you have suggestions on how to improve our Fake Name Generator, please contact us.


Legal information:

1) We are not responsible for the actions of visitors of our website. Visitors are responsible for what they do with the data generated by our services. 

2) This web presence allows to generate artificial data on your own responsibility.

It is highly unlikely that this data inflicts harm to a real person. 

3) If data of an existing person should be generated,  we're going to contact this person an make sure this record will not be generated again. Also companies/other web presences are entitled to contact us to report a problem if necessary. 

4) Any information provided by our service can be found elsewhere online. No illegal content to be found on this site. 

5) Ultimately, it is up to the visitors of the website to determine whether any damage can be caused when using the generated data. The authors of this website are not responsible to any damage caused by miss-using the data. We kindly ask you to take this into consideration. 

6) This website uses cookies to provide the best possible functionality. 

Thank you very much for your understanding!


Bank accounts/credit cards:

The bank accounts or credit cards are generated according to the original algorithm, therefore they are valid if you have them checked on a website like However these bank accounts/credit card information are not assigned to a real person. That means, the bank accounts/credit cards are valid, but not linked to any real world data! Therefore, no economic damage can be afflicted to the respective bank. 


CVV2/CVC Code:

The CVV2/CVC code cannot be generated. This code is generated by the bank with a specific procedure and by encrypting each credit card individually assigned. Thus it's impossible to have this code generated. The CVV2/CVC codes on the main page of this Web presence are exclusively randomly generated. 

PIN and TAN:

The PIN or TAN of an account number as well as a CVV2/CVC code cannot be generated.  The bank generates these with a secret code and a not very known encryption. 


To fund our server and further development, advertising on this site is unfortunately unavoidable. Since this script should remain free for everybody, we have to handle this as follows


Rules of contact:

1) The first message must contain the respective question. 

2) Please note that the first message must not contain a link, because otherwise it will be sorted out by our spam filter.

3) Hints or partnership requests are always welcome, but should also have a little note in the first message. 

4) Everybody who follows the rules will receive a decent answer!

5) We cannot provide support! The only exception is for API requests! All other emails will be deleted! 


Contact requests don’t obeying these rules will be ignored and deleted!


Contact us

Mail: info [aet] fake it . ws


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