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Here we want to introduce you to

this page is for quickly sending your messages to a third person, secretly by self-destruct message.


How does it work?

Put the secret entry in the text box. Create a link to the entry, the entry will be encrypted. Send the link, e.g. by email. The recipient can view the entry within 100 days via the link. After the entry has been viewed ONCE, the entry will be deleted completely. Subsequent accesses lead to an error message. Why all this? Sending secret entries (e.g. passwords) via email is problematic. On the one hand the email is usually transmitted unencrypted, everyone who can read the transmission can also read the secret entry. Furthermore, emails are usually not deleted, but archived, even at the sender AND the recipient! SecretPM enables a more secure transmission by storing the entry in encrypted form and creating a link for it.

This link is only valid once. This way it can be detected if the entry has already been read. In this case it must be assumed that the entry is no longer secure. Notes Never send login and password together. Always send this information separately. The data is safe! All transmissions are encrypted. The entry is stored encrypted. The key and the access link is not stored. There is no protocol, no database and no way to decrypt the entry without the link.

Fake IT Bulkgenerator Live

We are happy to announce that the “Fake it Bulkgenerator” (Beta) is finished and online. You will get access via a purchase of premium access. With this you can generate a lot of data even without API knowledge.

Do not hesitate to send us suggestions for improvement. Only with the help of the community we can make fake it even better.

Buy access here: