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Amazon gives you up to 65 euros for the Prime Day – so you get the money

please note: this is about the german amazon. but it can certainly work for other countries as well

This has never happened before: In the run-up to Prime Day 2020, Amazon customers can dust off up to 65 euros in shopping credit. We will tell you how to get the money.

Dusting off up to 65 euros of Amazon credit: Here’s how

Amazon customers have been waiting for a long time, but now it is finally official: Prime Day 2020, which has been postponed due to Corona, will take place on October 13 and 14, with over one million offers, exclusively for Prime members. Those who do not yet have a membership can test Prime free of charge for 30 days and then simply cancel it again after Prime Day with just a few clicks.

In the run-up to the event, Prime customers can collect up to 65 euros, as three campaigns are currently running in parallel:

Amazon gives you 10 euros for the Prime Day: This is how the campaign works

Anyone who makes purchases for at least 10 euros from selected Marketplace merchants up to and including 12 October will receive a 10 euro credit from Amazon. This can be used for almost all Amazon products on Prime Day. Exceptions are alcohol, Amazon gift cards, subscriptions, taxes, shipping, books, gift wrap fees or Prime Now orders. Read all other terms and conditions here.

Amazon customers should not find it difficult to find Marketplace articles for 10 euros, because the selection is huge and includes many bestsellers.

Amazon action is to support Marketplace dealers in the Corona crisis

With this action the on-line giant wants to help small and middle enterprises according to own statement:

Amazon strengthens its commitment to small and medium-size enterprises, which are supported on Prime Day with the largest small business promotion to date. From today until 12 October, Prime members who buy products from selected small and medium-sized local sales partners at for at least 10 euros will receive 10 euros in credit that they can use on Prime Day. On this year’s Prime Day and during the Christmas season, Amazon is supporting small and medium-sized companies from all over the world with over 85 million euros to promote their products. Although this year has been particularly challenging for many small and medium sized companies, selling at Amazon allows hundreds of thousands of these companies to maintain and even expand their businesses throughout the Corona crisis.

In addition to this prime-exclusive campaign, other offers have already been launched. For example, you will get another 50 Euro instead of 40 Euro credit if you decide to use the Amazon credit card. Amazon will also give you another 5 Euros if you install the Amazon Assistant.


If you’re looking for the best and powerful applications for your windows and you don’t want to pay, then you must be afraid and confused about which one to get.

Well, nothing to worry about. As you’ve searched on the internet, you won’t be disappointed. We here will talk about the top ten free lite windows applications. Keep reading.

In the year 2020, the world has been all about mobile, internet, science, and globalization. Here I won’t give you a lesson on science. 

But looking for decent as well as reliable apps can be proved a tough task. And the ones that ain’t free consists of slow updates and poor service and bad reviews. Which is why I’ve researched and found some amazing windows applications for free.

turned-on laptop computer

Top Ten Free Applications For your windows:

Let’s get into the point. The amazing applications are:

  • Everything Software
  • Unlocker software
  • Texter Software
  • Uncheacky Software
  • QTTabBar Software.
  • WinDirstat Software
  • Recuva Software
  • Ditto Software
  • Ninite Software
  • Turbo Top

As we know the applications, let’s make this easier for you. Here we’ll discuss the applications as well as how you can use them.


The first windows application you must have is Everything. You’ll be surprised to know the file size of this one. It’s only 1.4 megabytes.

This amazing software was developed on December 22, 2004. You must’ve noticed the searching difficulties. The default option of windows is extremely slow and takes a lot of time to serve the output.

Everything is the application that makes searching so easy. It helps you to get the file instantly without wasting time. Even before finishing the search term, you get the result.

This will search in every directory and file of your computer. Here is a secret, you should know. Everything is capable enough to serve the locked and secret files and folders if you search. In this case, use your brain and don’t give any obvious name to your folder. As; My secret file, my private photos, etc.

How To Get?

  • Go to the link with everything software.
  • Download the software.
  • Click on the option you want.
  • Once you install the application on your computer, you save a huge time waiting to get a search result.

The application has no difficulties in installing and using. Try this one right now and make your computer better and faster.


The second software I will suggest is “Unlocker”. Don’t be astonished to know the size of this one. This is only 393 kilobytes. Don’t go on the size. This is a must-have powerful application on your computer.

Among hundreds of applications, you may get irritated by some files that are difficult to move, rename, and even to delete. To delete this file folder you can simply install Unlocker.

But here is a point to notice. There can be some files that don’t erase instantly. They have an option of the restart. That means when you schedule the file with Unlocker and later restart that, the file gets deleted.

Don’t overdo it by deleting the windows files. Else, you can get into trouble

How to Get:

  • Go to the Unlocker site.
  • Select the download latest version option and install it.
  • Once you install the application, you’re ready to use it free.


The third one you would love to use is “Texter”. This one is for the lazy texters who don’t have the time to spell fully. Sometimes this may get messy and confuse the meaning of the sentence. This application will automatically correct those words.

Not only this. We sometimes make spelling mistakes, which is enough to destroy your impression. Use this software to get perfection.

Besides, on this application, you can set a word which you use frequently. By doing this you can save the time of typing that word continuously.

Again the size of the application is way too small. The size is only 462 kilobytes.

How To Get:

  • Go to the Texter site.
  • Go to the free download option.
  • It’ll simply help you while texting for free.


The fourth application you should have is Unchecky. When we install any application or software, they require some permissions.

For example, you’re installing one software, but the setting is asking for another software permission. Maximum time, you don’t check the questions as we obviously don’t have the time of reading all the small details.

Unchecky can protect you from all the hassle and stops powerful threats and viruses. Unchecky is a software of only 1.92 megabytes.

How to use:

  • Go here in Unchecky
  • Click the download option.
  • Use this software and protect your computer from all the unwanted applications for free.


Well, this one is liter as well as powerful. Though the size is comparatively bigger. QTTabBAr is only 4.5 megabytes.

With this software, you can synthesize your windows as tabs. For easy access to your window, you can use this software.

It will help you to get the one easily as well as fastly.

How To Get:

  • Go to the link here of QTTabBAr.
  • The download option is there.
  • Click and experience a better and synthesized window.

It’s no hassle to install and use these applications. I’m providing the links for saving your time.


This is the sixth one of my top ten list. Like the last one, this is also around 6.5 megabytes. This is extremely easy to delete or empty your drives of your pc.

If you notice at the default explorer of your window, there is nothing mentioned about the file sizes. By using this amazing application, you can easily see the sizes, in which folder they exist, the numbers as a list.

Not only this also you can see the list synchronized automatically. You can use this software and easily get the biggest and smallest bulky files you want to delete.

How To Get:

  • Go to the WinDirstat site.
  • Click on the download option.
  • Experience the amazing application and save your time on searching files and to. kno0w the sizes.


The seventh application file size is only 7.5 megabytes. Still, it’s way too later than the other free files. This one is popular. And you must’ve listened about it if you ever researched about the free software for windows.

This one is only used for file recovery. Suppose you’ve deleted some files by mistake. Use Recuva and you have nothing to worry about. You can get the file or information back easily.

You can get a lot of fraud applications that claim to recover without bucks. But after installing they claim the money. But Recuva is nothing like that. You can easily use this for free.

How To Get?

  • Go to the link here of Recuva.
  • Simply click download.
  • Install and don’t panic now if you delete something by mistake. With this application, you can easily get them back without spending money.


Ditto is another extremely important and useful application, that you can use for free. This is the biggest one of the top ten list. It’s around 22 megabytes.

In the windows, you can’t copy multiple texts. Suppose you wanted to copy something but by mistake you copied something you didn’t want.

No worries. Ditto gives you the choice of copying multiple texts at a time. And later you can use them wherever and whatever you want.

How To Get:

  • Go to this link of DItto.
  • Click the Download option.
  • And you’re good to go.

NB: There is a possibility of coming to this option by default on the next update of Windows 10. Even if they don’t provide the option, Ditto is here.


Ninite is actually a website. This one is essential for installing the latest version software for your computer. You don’t have to save it in your hard drive for later

Once you know about nine, you don’t have to individually go for every software and download it. Ninite will download and install the software you want in no time.

How To Use?

  • Go to the website here
  • You’ll dee all the essential software list.
  • Mark whatever you want.
  • Click on “get your Ninite.

The fun fact is you don’t have to do anything. Just one click and the website will do it automatically. No more hustle for installing the essentials for your fresh computer.

Turbo Top:

Turbo Top is used for keeping your folder always on top. You can easily use it to get important folders and files.

The Turbo top is around the only 1 megabyte. By using this you don’t have to carry the hassle of searching and wasting time in the busy world. 

How To Use?

  • Here is the link you can go to Turbo Top.
  • Click on the download option.
  • Install and experience smooth functioning.

Well, these are the ten software everyone should have on their computer. I hope this article help[ed you a lot. To get better quality and experience smooth functioning, don’t forget to install the applications. Thank you for reading.

How To Earn Free Cryptocurrency Online

How To Earn Free Cryptocurrency Online?

In the year 2020, there are very few people who haven’t heard about cryptocurrency and bitcoins.

Though being a well-known phenomenon, it’s not understood by all. You’ll hardly find a software company, international business, banks, or government who hasn’t researched cryptocurrency or not published any paper over this. Even this is very popular among freelancers and international service providers. Today in this article, we’ll understand cryptocurrency and how you can earn them for free.

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What’s Cryptocurrency?

What is Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is basically a virtual digital currency that is used as a medium of exchange. This online currency can’t be touched or seen. It is used for securing your payments online.

Cryptocurrency is nothing like the regular paper money we use. This is a form of digital currency that was developed by Satoshi Nakamoto, to create a peer to peer system for online payments. The most incredible thing about this system is, it’s not controlled by any third party. The whole system is controlled by cryptography. It is a decentralized method that works independently of any financial institution.

Let’s understand the process

To understand the process, let’s go with an example. When you go shopping and pay through cards, the card doesn’t pay the money. You use a pin or passcode and the money transaction from the bank you’re a member of. With digital currency, there’s no bank, entities, government, middleman controlling.

The underlying technology behind all this stuff is blockchain technology. Blockchain is basically a technology that has digitized human trust. It was created to remove human error from the transactional process and make it more secure and reliable.

Leading cryptocurrencies

The number of cryptocurrencies is 6,088 till 2020. But the exact number can’t be said, because of the changing frequency. Cryptocurrencies have grabbed the entire financial marketplace in a short time. Among them, we’ll talk about Bitcoin. Etherum, Ripple, and Litecoin. These are the most popular cryptocurrencies in today’s world.


Since the last decade, bitcoin is one of the most popular and expanded currencies on the internet. It’s a coin that is worth hundreds of US dollars. But it’s not made of gold, platinum, or anything. As we explained cryptocurrency, it’s not touchable. This coin just exists electronically.

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There is no organization authority deciding when to make more bitcoins, or how many to produce, keeping track of where they’re, and where they’re being invested? Now you can ask how does it work as a currency?

Like other cryptocurrencies, it has a little thing behind all these, called cryptography. Bitcoins are kept pretty safe because of cryptography. That is why it’s called cryptocurrency. You can easily exchange coins on your computer and peer to peer network.

Bitcoin is an entry on a huge global ledger called the blockchain. The technology behind all this stuff is blockchain technology. This is basically a technology that has digitized human trust. It was created to remove human error from the transactional process and make it more secure and reliable.

Bitcoin’s worth is higher than other cryptocurrencies that exist in the whole marketplace, Huge companies as Microsoft,, etc. This money exchange game is much easier.


Beside bitcoin, there is another cryptocurrency named Ethereum. Etherum and bitcoin both use the same blockchain, but they don’t use the same currency.

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Ethereum is different from bitcoin by the contract system. This system pays the users after meeting certain conditions. Ethereum is popular for the quick transaction system, As Ethereum has the smartest contract system, you don’t need to wait for any kind of paperwork. You can get money in a faster and easier way.

In the traditional transactional way, you need to deal with the mediate transaction system. With the smart contract system of Ethereum, you don’t need to pay any third party.


Ripple is one of the leading cryptocurrencies around the world. With the Ripple process transactions, you can send money without any kind of high foreign transaction fees. Ripple is super fast and can handle 1500 transactions per second.


Litecoin also has a system of blockchain. It also has a public ledger and miners that verify transactions. Litecoin provides outstanding performance in the processing speed, the large supply of currency, and less complex algorithms.

Buy here Litecoin

In Litecoin the transaction process can be done in 2.5 minutes. Litecoins have more coins than bitcoins. It’s almost 84 million coins. Litecoin is also much easier to use. It has the easiest algorithms.

As we’ve discussed the most four cryptocurrencies. Just imagine getting these precious coins for free. Don’t be amazed, we’ll talk about how you can get free bitcoins.

Ways to get free bitcoin

I get a lot of people asking what’s the way of getting bitcoins without investing. Today we’ll know about the ways of getting bitcoins for free. There are six exciting ways that can get you free bitcoin.

  • Gambling
  • Faucets
  • Mining
  • Affiliate programs
  • Getting paid directly


Though gambling doesn’t offer you sure winning, it can get you bitcoins. It may seem to be an easy way of getting money, it includes a huge number of risks. You can try your luck if you only have enough capital to take risks. You can find websites to test your luck over this.

Faucets and games

Faucets can give you a small amount of bitcoin in certain time spans. On some bitcoin dice websites, you can earn 0.0001 per five minutes.  To get this, you need to have zero balance,  You can also get coins by playing games and spending time on that website. The amount is not enough to satisfy one. But sometimes it can be good enough by just spending time on the website.


Mining can be a very effective way of earning bitcoins. You can get this by solving computational problems and blocking mines. This way is applied by mostly the professionals. As it’s not that easy to earn enough profits for the beginners on a small scale.

Bitcoin mining is also important for security. This process is also called proof of work (POW). Mining works to hold up the scarceness of bitcoins that can also prevent copy or creation.

Affiliate programs

Affiliate programs are popular in the marketplace as well as the easiest way of getting free bitcoins. There are some websites where you can earn bitcoins by referring to others. You’ll get rewards such as discounts, points, or bitcoins.

Getting paid directly

You can earn bitcoins by requesting a donation to your website. If you’re a freelancer or work for a company that pays you through the internet, you can ask them to pay you by bitcoins.

Well, these are some ways of getting free bitcoins. Bitcoins aren’t only valuable but also the most demanding and secure cryptocurrencies ever. Cryptocurrencies are being popular gradually.

Hope you got enough information to understand cryptocurrencies. Thank you for reading. Pass the information to your friends and family who need to understand cryptocurrency.

The Pirated Windows Saga: What? Why? How?

If you think about a computer, one of the first things that will come to your mind is the operating system that will run the whole operation. In terms of the operating system, you might think about Windows. Windows is the most used computer operating system all over the world. 


According to the StatCounter, Windows has a 77.21% market share on the desktop operating system competing with Apple’s OS X, Linux, and Chrome OS.

Windows is the most popular operating system all over the world in terms of desktop and we can’t argue with that. The statistic is a visual representation of it.

But the thing of concern is Windows is not an open-source free operating system like Linux Open Source Project also known as LOSP. all their Windows is free to install but it needs a huge amount of subscription to activate the whole operating system and the functions of it.

Microsoft charges on the activation key for activating the existing Windows version. At present Microsoft is charging $139/ €119.99/ AU$225 for Windows 10 home and one $199.99/ €219.99/ AU$339 for Windows 10 pro edition each. In terms of affordability, the pricing is so high.

Although the activation process is paid you can activate your existing Windows version for 100% free of cost. It is called “The Pirated Version of Windows”.


What is Pirated Windows?

Presently you may think what is pirated Windows and what are the contrasts among genuine and pirated Windows. Let’s clear that.

Most importantly pirated Windows isn’t any different from the genuine one. It’s much the same as the ordinary one as the genuine versions of Windows. Both pirated and genuine versions of Windows are made by Microsoft.

Now you may think how pirated Windows are made of. When you buy a genuine version of Windows, you will get a DVD with a product key so that you can install your Windows version by that DVD and activate the windows through the product key. In terms of the pirated versions, developers copy the iso/img file of Windows from the DVD and upload them online and other related platforms. Here you won’t get any activation key because they are unique for each product.

Then how can you activate it? the answer is you need an activator to activate the pirated version that you are using. What the activator does is generate a unique key and implement them to the Windows activation section and the windows will be activated. After activation, there is no way to detect if your Windows is pirated or genuine.

So, in short, there is no major difference between pirated and genuine versions of Windows. The difference is all about what you cost. if you talked about the downside of a pirated version then it will be the piracy that you are doing against Microsoft which is illegal.


Why does Microsoft allow this kind of piracy?

The story was started by the Chinese. China opened up in the early 1980s and when computers and the Internet came to the Chinese people in the 1990s. China was still poor and backward. therefore piracy became the natural way for them to afford an expensive operating system. This, however, does not give them the right to do so. 

The former CEO of Microsoft Steve Ballmer is famously vocal about his unhappiness on the piracy in China. But the truth is all of this is only a small part of the reality. Microsoft knowingly allowed piracy in developing countries including China and retrospect; this could be one of the most successful business strategies Microsoft has ever adopted.

Piracy is undoubtedly bad but here is the reason why piracy might have helped Microsoft dominate not only in China but in every part of the world. In the early 1990s when parted versions of Windows were running rampant in China,  the entire Chinese GDP was only 360.9 billion dollars and that of the United States was 6 trillion dollars. China was not only a tiny market for Microsoft, but it also was not expected to rise as it did in the last thirty years. 

China was not only a tiny market for Microsoft, Microsoft at the time has the technology to stop Windows piracy in China and stand tall on matters like intellectual property rights. But this would have accomplished nothing for Microsoft financially and even if some people bought windows because of it. It would have only made Microsoft a few million dollars which was a drop in a bucket from Microsoft then.

Piracy of Windows in China was also happening in the backdrop of a decade-long anti-Microsoft campaign. Many of my audiences might remember that Microsoft had a very bad reputation in the 1990s facing tremendous challenges from not only the open-source community led by Linux but it was also constantly challenged by the United States government over its monopoly status which was nominated in the United States versus Microsoft Corporation case.

The United States government interest in Microsoft began in 1992 with an inquiry by the FTC over whether Microsoft was abusing its monopoly status on the PC operating systems market and ended in 2001 with a settlement for more compliance. There was also a wider consensus within the tech community against Microsoft abusing its monopoly status to compete unfairly with other software companies. No one liked Microsoft then particularly in China Windows was charged at a forbidden rate in the 1990s at times 50% more expensive than its cost in the United States. 

Another crisis came from Linux. This was a more relevant factor for China without the pirated versions of Windows. Linux was going to be a natural choice for China because it is open source and free. Android, for example, uses Linux kernels under the hood. 

Therefore frankly if Windows decided to strictly enforce its IP laws in China and India. It probably could have succeeded in preventing piracy in those countries. But it is almost certain that people in China would have adopted Linux in the 1990s and Microsoft would have lost one of its biggest markets right at the beginning and predictably there won’t be the Microsoft we see today that’s worth over a trillion dollars.

Bill Gates famously stated in the 90s that we’d rather the Chinese still our technology than forcing them to use the free Linux instead. It is against this background that we should make sense of the Chinese piracy problem. Well, it is wrong for the Chinese to pirate their windows for free, it was never meant to be a free lunch for them. Microsoft could have prevented it from happening. But as it turns out allowing the Chinese to pirate works in the best interest of Microsoft rather than letting Linux take over the developing market, Microsoft closed one eye on piracy, and what awaits Microsoft is now a huge opportunity. 

In 2015 all Chinese computers are running licensed versions of Microsoft or at least if they wanted to they could. Regardless of the versions of Microsoft, someone running Microsoft has given all of them a free upgrade to Windows 10. It has effectively transitioned Microsoft to a freemium business model selling bundled services rather than just the operating system.

Now, we will show you the full tutorial about activating your Windows version for free using KMSpico I always recommend using the Windows 10instead of Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 versions.


So let’s start the full process step by step:


  1. Installing KMSpico: KMSpico is the most famous and perfect app until now for activating Windows versions. You may find many websites where they are providing this software. But I recommend not to install this software from any link. You might get attacked by ransomware malware that will bring a lot of hassle. I am giving the official site of  KMSpico here. Download it from the official link. For downloading, you will find a button named “Download KMSpico” like this:
  2. It will redirect you to another window and hear you again need to click on the button “KMSpico Download“. You also need to click on the button “KMSpico Zip Password is Here” forgetting the password of the encrypted zip file that will be downloaded. You might have the curiosity to download the product key of Windows 10 but at present, it is not working fully. That is why we are using this software to ensure that your Windows will be successfully activated. The built-in windows defender and other anti-viruses will detect KMSPico as a virus or malware. It is not a virus or malware and it will not cause any harm to your device if you download them from the official link and follow the steps correctly.
  3. Before opening the downloaded zip file, you need to deactivate all the protection system of your Windows so that the defenders can’t erase the file as I mentioned the defender will want the file as a virus or malware.
  4. After deactivating all the firewalls, you need to open the zip with a zip extractor. And start the setup process.
  5. Input the password to unlock the zip.
  6. Click “Next”.
  7. Again “Next”.
  8. Select the address you want to install the application.
  9. Again “Next”.
  10. You will see the installing.
  11. Click on “KMSpico”.
  12. Click on the red button.

It will load for a few seconds and then will close automatically. Then you need to restart your PC and then check the activation status by going to This PC> Properties.

I hope your Windows will be activated as well as mine. Thank you for reading the tutorial. I tried to cover all the confusion about activating windows 10 for free. Hope you liked it. See you in the next blog. Thanks!



How To Use Proton VPN For Free

Imagine you’re using public WiFi and doing your work on the internet sitting in a coffee shop. Someone under that same server can easily get all your information, data, and even passwords by hacking tricks.

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You can easily secure yourself from all these risks by simply using a VPN.

Nowadays VPNs are used by everyone. you must’ve listened about VPN. It’s probably possible you’ve used one before. But do you really know how you can use them for free?

If not then this article will tell you everything about VPN and how you can use them for absolutely free. Today we’ll talk about the right free VPN you should get in the year 2020. That is Proton VPN. We’ll also know how you can use one.

 Well, before starting you should get an idea about what actually VPN is and why you need to use them.

What is a VPN?

VPNs are used for so many things, but at the end of the day, they all fall in the same umbrella. Before, these types of connections were mostly used in large businesses, and in the governmental work to keep their information safe and secure.

Those companies and governments needed their employees to access a secured internal network while working from home or in the field. Else they could be victims of hacking and other loss of data.

But in the world of globalization, not only the large businesses but also the small ones, and even the individuals use it to keep them online secured and private.

You might be in the confusion of the working system of VPNs. To understand this, we need to know how you risk your data, IP, and other important information.

Here to ProtonVPN

How does VPN work?

VPNs work as tunnel protocols. To understand clearly you’ve to know the root. When you type a website name, that’s basically a domain name. That domain name is a nickname for the website’s IP address.

An IP address works as a home address. As the IP address consists of numbers and is difficult to remember, there is a domain name system. However, your computer has an IP address too, and so does every device that is browsing the internet.

When you’re typing domain name on your browser, you send your data into the internet until it reaches that server and you get the expected website. But while transferring your data you also transfer your IP address, other information.

Someone at that same server can easily get access by hacking tricks of your passwords, emails, and all the other information. Besides the website, you can also access your information. Usually, it’s not a problem. But in case if you need more security, VPN can be a great solution

But by using a VPN you can easily get rid of all the risks. Now you can ask, how actually VPN saves us? How do they protect your privacy?

When you send your information online, a VPN creates a tunnel that encrypts your information. By doing this, if your information gets hacked, the hacker won’t be able to read it.

By using VPN you don’t send your data directly to the target server. First, it goes to the server of the VPN you use. This extra step helps you in a lot of ways.

Why is VPN so popular?

Besides the security issue, VPNs give some extra facilities that attract people. A lot of video streaming websites such as Netflix and Hulu have restrictions for some content depending on the IP address or geolocation.

Let’s assume you want to see one of the favorite content on Netflix. But that is unavailable in your country. What you can try is, using an American VPN and hiding your IP address or location. In this way, Netflix will think you’re in America and will give access to that restricted show.

Not only this but also changing your location can also provide benefits while booking hotels and flights. Researches have shown that hotels and ticket prices vary depending on locations. So, this way VPNs can save you a lot of data.

Now that you know what VPN is, it’s time to get one. Keep reading to know how you can get the best VPN of 2020

Free VPN:

Suppose you’re on a tight budget and don’t want to spend your money on a VPN. But at the same time, you want to secure your data or use it for other benefits. you can go for the free ones. There are bunches of free VPNs on the web.

Here we’ll talk about the most popular and reviewed Proton VPN. This one can fulfill all your basic needs better than the others.

Proton VPN:

Today we’ll know about a uniquely free VPN service called proton VPN. So if you ever heard of proton mail, proton VPN is also made by the same company. The best combinations and features that this VPN provides, you won’t get anywhere else for free. Though proton offers the paid version too, the free one is surprisingly generous.

Here to ProtonVPN
The free version here doesn’t limit your usage of data that most of the free VPN does in the market. The other thing is this free VPN doesn’t fluctuate that much as the others do. Being a free version, Proton provides you with a solid response on time.

There is more. Proton VPN is operated from a very cybersecurity-focused and privacy-friendly system. Though being a free user, you can expect that your data will be encrypted all the time.

Now you may ask how you can have a free VPN account?

How to get a Free Proton VPN account?

 Here I’ll describe step by step, how you can get your free proton VPN easily. I’ll also add pictures, that will help you to understand the steps more clearly. Follow these steps carefully.

  • Open your browser, go to the Proton site. Or you can also get it on play store.
  • Click on the signup button.
  • There you’ll see the plan options, Select the free one
  • Now, you need to give a username, password, and email address.

  • Give all the information and click on “Create an account.’


  • Now you need to complete the verification step. Completing the previous step you’ll get a verification code on your email address. You need to check the spam box also if you don’t get it directly. Once you get the code, copy it and paste it into the website or option. You’ll get more clarity from the pictures given below


  • Once you’re done with the registration, you can download the application according to your device. You’ll get all the options for android, ios, windows, and others. Or check the dashboard.

  • Now select a country location on which VPN you want.

  • Finally, this is how you can easily use the proton VPN for free.


As you’ve opened an account, you’ll experience the best free VPN. Not only this but you will also get a 7 days free trial of Proton VPN plus. In these seven days, you’ll get access to all the Proton features.

This is basically given to understand the difference between free features and the paid ones. If one needs the paid features after seven days, they have to subscribe to the paid plans.

If someone opens an account of Proton VPN and waits to try this later, they won’t get the pro features. The pro features are available only for the first seven days.

I hope that the article helped you a lot to understand all about VPN. Now you know what’s VPN, why you should use it, and most importantly the best VPN of 2020.

Proton VPN can be the best option for your use. Others may not be able to give you the same amount of facilities. Now, as you know how you can get them easily.

I’ll highly recommend you use Proton VPN, so do the researches.

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