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Six tricks to protect your YouTube channel from hacking?

Either you’re a new YouTuber or not, most questions are security-related.  One of the most common questions is; How to protect your youtube channel from hacking?

When you’re joining the youtube creator community, you’re moving from the consumer community. And shifting a consumer requires you to know the pros and cons of the platform you’re targeting. As a YouTuber, you hold responsibility for holding up the quality of content to the updates that have just arrived. As youtube is so popular these days, it contains a high risk of being hacked.

Youtube website screengrab

Once you get famed or rankled, you might not even notice, and hackers might mark your channel as the next target. That’s the cause you should always be more conscious when you shift to a consumer or professional YouTuber. Concentrating on your content and rank is the first thing you should focus on as youtube.

But being a professional YouTuber, security is the most important thing you need to know. After putting so much effort and giving a tremendous amount of time, it would be terrible if you lose your account just because of a lack of consciousness. This is not only smart and resp[onsible enough as a YouTuber.

If you’ve gained decent numbers of subscribers, there is more possibility that your account might get hacked. If you’re using public wifi while working on your account, or click on some tricky links, hackers might get information about your account. This is how you carry a reasonable possibility of hacking your account.

Don’t worry, here you’ll know about some life-saving tricks that can secure your youtube channel. Keep reading to learn.

Six Tricks that can protect your Youtube channel

Well, there might be great tricks in huge numbers. But here you’ll know about the top and most beneficial tricks to keep your channel safe. These are the six:

  • Move your channel to a brand account
  • Collect your brand account email
  • Create a strong password for an email address
  • Update your recovery info regularly
  • Enable 2 Factor authentication
  • Avoid clicking unknown links

These six tracks are a must know a thing as a YouTuber. These are the basics every YouTuber should know before opening a youtube channel. Here you’ll learn about these tricks in detail.

Move your channel to a brand account

If your channel has been moving to a brand account, then multiple people can manage this. But why is it essential in the security case? Because if you want to remove the primary owner of that account. Then you have to wait at least for one day to get the result. But in the personal version, you can be removed from your account immediately.

The hacker can change the password and recovery email, so; there’s a lot of chance you are not getting it back. But in the brand account, you still have one day to save it. And after moving your channel to a brand account, make sure that there are 1/2  managers and you are, so if they remove one of them, they will immediately get the notification to know to take actions. And there are many tutorials on YouTube on how to move your channel to a brand account.

Collect your brand account email

To collect your brand account email. Go to ‘’ after going to that website sign in your email; then, you will see a list of your brand accounts, then click on that specific account, then click on view general account info, then click on that personal info section. Then you will find a unique email address. Save that email address.

Please keep it in your collection because it’s essential. Because if hackers remove your email address. They can change. They will not be able to terminate that specific account. We can’t draw or alter it, so if they managed to move your email account to another device. You can log in to that brand account email address, and you’ll instantly get it back! So please save your brand account email.

Create a strong password for the email address

You have to create a strong password for your email address.because your YouTube channel comes under your email address, please set a strong password for your email address. It must have a combination of uppercase and lowercase characters and numbers. Like @auX%570o$^95°.

Update your recovery info regularly

Some so many people don’t set the secondary email to their recovery email. That’s a huge mistake! When you want to login to your account on other devices, you will get a mail to that recovery email that they have set there.

So if hackers manage to hack your primary email, you can’t use your recovery email as a way to tell YouTube that it’s not you. So you might get into great hassle. So please make sure your secondary email is your recovery email.

Enable 2 Factor authentication

It’s essential to enable two-factor authentication for your email account. Because if hackers got your password and signed in, you will get a verification code to your recovery email, and they will not get access without this code.

There are uncountable videos on how to turn on two-factor authentication. A simple search on YouTube is all you need.

Avoid clicking unknown links

Different companies from different countries may be interested in sponsoring you. We can offer you many expensive products to promote their brand. And they will include the price, so the main thing is they will try to make you greedy.

But keep that in mind, no brand/companies will include the price in the email. So, the main thing is they will try to make you greedy. So if you saw someone offering you thousands of dollars in email, There’s a 99% chance this is spam or a phishing mail. And if they tell you to click on a link, don’t click it! The best thing is that sign out your Gmail, Copy that link, Turn on incognito mode, then paste that link and search. And if they want any password, never give it!

You also need to remember that, hackers are still smarter than you. But you must stay safe and follow these tips. A youtube channel takes great effort and time to rank videos. If you’re afraid to lose your account, try this tip out.

I hope this article helped you to know enough about the security factors of youtube channels. Your hacker appears as a friend, business colleague, family member and may ask for personal information. Stay aware of these things and keep your youtube channel secured.





How to earn money by Affiliate Marketing?

In today’s world, it’ll be surprising if you’ve not heard about affiliate marketing. You might have listened to this as one of the most incredible places to earn. 

Well, today, we’ll know how to earn money by affiliate marketing. But first thing before going to that. Do you know what affiliate marketing is?

No worries, you’re going to know about that too.

person using both laptop and smartphone

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is one of the most crucial market strategies. Through this, you can earn money by promoting a brand product. With your piece work, you’ll promote a brand, and that brand will encourage you by paying money.

This marketing strategy works in both ways. If you’re a buyer, you must be wanting to sell your products more. You can find thousands of brand promoters who are ready to promote your products, and you can make a deal with them about revenue sharing.

Well, let’s make it more clear with an example. Suppose you’re a YouTuber who’s making excellent content. You can apply the affiliate marketing strategy to make money. Just choose a brand you like, apply for being their affiliate marketer.

Once you get a response or get selected, they’ll promote their online product or brand. You’ll give a particular link in the description box. If your buyer buys something from that link you provided, you’ll get a certain percentage of that money.

By practicing Affiliate Marketing, the sellers get good sales. On the other hand, as a promoter, you’ll earn good money as well, as the content you will get better as low-quality content doesn’t get good sales.

How do you get commission On Affiliate Marketing?

Well, this is nothing challenging to understand as rocket science. Suppose you’re an affiliate marketer. You generate a link to the company product you’re working on within a contract. The more people use the link to get products or services, the more you get a commission. You can post the link wherever you want. It could be in your social media profile; it could be your content, blog, video description, or anything.

The other fantastic thing is different websites consider different time limits. It might be a 30 days project where if someone clicks on your link in the next 30 days, you’re going to get paid. Also, if an Affiliate Marketer, if you generate a link and review a particular product, you can also get paid people buying any other product from your link. This is quite profitable and cool.

For more clarity, you can differ the paying method in three ways: 

  • Pay per sale
  • Pay per lead
  • Pay per click

In the per sale section, the merchant pays the marketer for every sale through his link. The marketer gets a particular percentage of that product’s price. On the other hand, pay per lead wants the customer or visitor to do specific actions. It can be subscribing, voting, downloading, or purchasing. And lastly, pay per click requires you to click and enter the marchets’ site. The marketer will get his payment according to the amount of click gained by him.

Well, the payment way will differ based on design. Every company designs its business in different ways.

What’s the amount of your commission?

Well, different sites provide different criteria. Some may have categorized sector-wise. When you’re new in the marketplace, you’ll get the primary one. The more senior you’ll get and the more sales you can get the company, they will upgrade to the next level seller, the faster.

You can also see the rank of your sales. Depending on your sales rate, you’ll get the commission per month. Once the contract time limit is over, you’ll get back to the primary level again and have to sign another contract.

But you’ll get a difference depending on the website type. Most of the sites decide a fixed amount of commission for a specific time. In gist, you’ll earn commission in a way the website you’re working with offers you as clothing brands can offer you 3% of the commission. On the other hand, refrigerators or TVs can provide you with about 10-15%.

As now, we know: what Affiliate marketing is. And how the method does work. It’s time to understand how to join affiliate marketing.

How to Join?

  • Decide a platform where you want to attract the buyers. It can be YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Google, your website, or any other forum where you can create content.
  • Choose your niche for better traffic. Honestly, an online marketplace always needs something new and unique. It will help if you choose your place wisely before getting started. This thing requires adequate research and online market experience to find a perfect niche. Decide a specific topic and keep the focus on that. Of course, it’ll take time to rank your place.
  • Find an affiliate program to join. Always do your research before joining a company. You should choose High paying, low target ones. If the target rate is way too high, there is a minimum possibility of getting money.
  • Always try to improve your content. If your contents are not good enough, you won’t get good sales, as your viewers or readers won’t trust you. The better content you’ll provide, the better will the traffic is arriving on your link. This step works in both ways. You become a good content creator as well as a profitable Affiliate Marketer.

Well, these are the necessary steps to join affiliate marketing. This thing made learning more accessible. Especially the content creators can make the best use of this.

Through this, an affiliate marker gets good earnings, as well as the buyers get good sales. If you’ve any product or company, starting an affiliate marketer will be a perfect option to choose from. The products get hyped and comparatively outstanding deals. Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways of digital marketing.

Why should you choose Affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing has earned popularity in a short time. The reason behind this is the flexibility. In affiliate marketing, you don’t have to work at a particular time of the day. You can do your job anytime before the due time. Also, because of the performance-based reward, you get the motivation to improve your content or work. Besides, there is no rush to go to the office every day. Being an affiliate marketer, you can work from home and earn quite good.

As an affiliate marketer, you promote a particular product. You don’t need to deal with customer reports. Once you get the company a sale, you’ll immediately grasp your percentage. In exception, if the company has a return policy and the customer purchased through you returns the product, you’ve to produce the income.

Types of Affiliate marketing channels

You’ll get different kinds of marketing channels that showcase the product in different ways. The most common among all affiliate marketing channels are influencers, bloggers, paid search focus microsites, YouTubers, big media websites, email lists.

These are the most attractive ways and successful enough to gain more traffic. You need to know the power of search engine optimization to rank. Underestimating the power of SEO won’t lead you to any success.

Thank you for reading. I hope the article helped you to understand affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing can be an ideal way of freelancing and earning from home. This one holds the opportunity of enormous success.

So, What’s stopping you? Get started with your affiliate marketing ideas.

YouTube SEO- the truth behind ranking YouTube videos

How to rank my YouTube videos? What are the secrets? The most asked question for YouTube. Well, this depends on the algorithm of youtube. Not only this but also some key factors are essential for ranking your YouTube videos.

The first thing you should know is how search engine optimization works on youtube and what are the factors that youtube lets you be top on search. All these topics, you’ll get to know in this article. Keep reading to rank your YouTube videos.

A key factor of ranking video on YouTube

You must have heard about the myth that ranking is only a tag and a popular keyword. This trick is not useful in 2020. There has some primary key that can rank your videos :

  • Video quality
  • Thumbnail
  • Title
  • Tag and description
  • Subtitle
  • Hashtag

Video quality:

You might be thinking that video quality means the need for a good camera and edit. People often focus on the high resolution of video and good quality sound.

Yes, the quality of video and sound is a significant factor. But there is another important thing for ranking a video, that is, content. Good content or topic is enough to rate any footage. You’ve to relate with your viewers. If the video you uploaded is relatable enough with your viewers, then the view will automatically increase.

Now you may ask is a robot, how would youtube get to know the video quality. Well, here is a thing called watch time. Youtube makes an algorithm of watch time that viewers spent watching your video. This thing is also known as video engagement. Video engagement also depends on likes, comments, and sharers.

Generally, if you enjoy a particular video, you’ll like and comment on that. Also, it’s usual to share the video with friends and family. So, the more your video quality is good, and youtube will rank your video that soon.


A thumbnail is a front decoration. The thumbnail picture says 50% of your video. Suppose your video has the best quality, but you didn’t focus on the thumbnail. There is a huge possibility of not ranking your video. Also, for counting watch time, the first thing you need to focus on is click. And your viewers will click on your video or not, depends on the thumbnail

Everyone knows that the first impression is the last. And on youtube, the thumbnail works as the first impression. Experts say if you spend 12 hours to make a video, take 18 hours to make the thumbnail. However, it’s just saying to make people understand the importance of thumbnails.

First, understand the importance of thumbnails. Then learn the designing of a good thumbnail. Focusing on thumbnails is a must to rank your video.


As I was saying about the first impression, the title is also one of those things. When you scroll on youtube, the first thing you notice is the thumbnail and title. So get viewers it’s a must, focusing on the video title.

If your video title is magnetic enough, the viewers would love to click and know more about the video. The title is the way is how youtube algorithms catch the people’s relatability to the video. So, if you want to rank the video, keep the focus on the title.

Here is an important point to notice, the title should not mislead the audience. If you put the title just to get clicked and that doesn’t relate your content. This wrong step may restrict/ suspend the youtube channel of yours. Also, your youtube video can get strikes because of using an unrelatable title.

Well, If these three things are perfect, then you’ll automatically get a good rank on your videos. No, you must be thinking about how to reach the audience. Well, for that, you can share the video to social media. Also, youtube itself suggests new videos to the viewers. If viewers don’t click or view that particular suggested video, you’ll keep stopping showing the video on the suggestion list.

Tag and Description

Focusing on the tags and descriptions is another crucial thing to rank your video. A tag tells youtube to which topic your video is related. When someone searches for a specific video, if your video is associated with that topic, youtube will automatically suggest this to the viewers.

Though tag and description have nothing to do with the SEO, if you don’t set the titles and descriptions wisely, it may be a cause of youtube not suggesting your video to the targeted videos.


To improve video engagement and to increase the watch time, subtitles are essential. Try to use subtitles in your video. This one is the way how the viewers out of the region will get to understand your video. Nowadays, people are more likely to focus on content than other things.

If someone feels video content is essential for him/her, but the language is not easy to understand, you might lose the view or good watch time. So, try to provide subtitles with your video.

Also, not everyone can hear your videos. Adding subtitles will make them enjoy your video. not only this, subtitles help to understand new words. So most of the time, viewers prefer watching videos with subtitles.

To satisfy your viewers and rank your videos, you should use subtitles.


The last thing after focusing on all the steps, you should pay attention to the hashtags. A myth years ago that concentrate on hashtags was the first and only thing to rank your video.

Well, this is not true. Significantly, in the year 2020, youtube has already updated its algorithms quite several times. And now, hashtags are one of the last things you need to keep on the list. However, hashtags are essential to take your video on the suggestion list. But it’ll only happen when someone clicks on that hashtag or searches for the hashtag you used.

These are the five things that can make your youtube video SEO friendly. Without focusing on the quality and content, if you’re searching for some shortcuts to rank your video, then sadly, you won’t get any. Youtube has no shortcut to rank your video. It’s only your SEO friendly, high-quality video and, of course, the viewers that can rank your videos.

If the content is reasonable and relatable, the video will automatically rank. So, try to keep the focus on the tips I mentioned here.

Thank you for reading. I hope the article helped you a lot to understand the truth behind ranking your youtube video. Also, don’t forget to share the item to your YouTuber friends. And to them who’re thinking about opening a youtube channel.

Well, to know more about youtube algorithms and how you should improve your videos, follow this channel: Creator Insider Mythbuster. Here you’ll get an official employee of youtube, who makes people understand more about youtube. By following here, you’ll get to know what tips you should follow to get good views and rank the videos.

Ten Ways to Secure Social Media

In today’s world, where everything is internet-based, there will be hardly any people who don’t use social media. Either it’s your grandparents or a kid, everyone these days are on social media.

As we’ve become so dependent on social media, our vital information and conversations can be found here easily. In this case, security and safety is something you can be worried about.

 No worries, you don’t have to think of deleting your accounts. What you need to do is follow some rules. These will save you from hackings.

Here in this article, you’re going to know about ten ways to secure your social media. Before getting into the topic, let’s understand what social media means. Does it include your mobile or computer, google, and Youtube too?

Don’t get confused. Here, You’ll get all the answers. Keep reading.

space gray iPhone 6 with Facebook log-in display near Social Media scrabble tiles

What is social media?

Social media is a computer-based technology that people use for sharing ideas, thoughts, or content. This has made communication among people easier and smoother. There are different types of social media. Each of them has various purposes.

Social networking

This includes Facebook, LinkedIn, google+. People use these to make communication stronger. Google+ can answer any of your questions at any time.

 On the other hand, you can chat and ask anything anytime with your friends on Facebook. Linkedin is for official people who want not to mix their professional and personal life.


This includes Twitter and tumbler. From a president of one country to a high school student, nowadays everyone has an account on twitter. This has built an incredible and more vital network in society.

Photo sharing

As I’ve mentioned before, social media is for sharing content and ideas. Through Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest, people publish their pictures and related thoughts over images.

Video sharing

Youtube, Facebook live, Vimeo, and periscope is something people use for sharing their created videos. These can be for any purposes; as educational, entertainment, etc.

You can have your account in any of these. I’ve mentioned the most popular ones though there are many. But do you know how to secure your funds? Keep reading to learn tips.

Ten ways to secure your account

Complex password

The first and essential thing of securing your social media is using a complex password. It would help if you used a combination of numbers, words, and special characters. It’s better if you can put a mixture of lowercase and uppercase in your password.

Real identity

We sometimes use fake names or the name that is not in our certificates in our accounts. Besides, you need to use a real birthdate in your account. This is because, if your account gets hacked somehow, you can quickly get it back by reporting facebook.

For verification, Facebook can want your documents as NID or passport. If you use a fake name or information, it will fail to get verified.

You should also not use Latin letters in your name. Try to keep it as simple as possible.

Two-step verification

Two-step verification is something that can protect you from hacking. If someone somehow gets to know your email or password, they still can’t log into your account. That’s right; through two steps, you set double protection. If someone wants to log in, you’ll get a code on your mobile. You need to use that code as a one time password. Then you can log in only.

This method is quite good and safe for securing the account. Try this out.

App permission

Either it’s a game or website, someone that requires you to log in. If you’re going to log in with your social media, double-check the terms and conditions of that site or app. You’ll get the option of app permission. Read out the whole thing. Make sure that a third party app or website is secured.

Else that can easily get access to your account and get all our data.

Hide login information

It’s better not to show any sensitive information publicly to your account. As if your email or phone number is related to your account, the hacker can easily hack it by using it. So, try to keep all the sensitive information hidden.

You’ll get the “only me” option. Use that to hide these. If you want to show your email address or phone number, then put the one that isn’t related to any account of yours.

Link sharing

Avoid clicking on unknown links to stay protected. Don’t trust any link coming from strangers. Hackers use this link method often. If one clicks on a particular link, all the information related to your account can transfer to the hacker.

So avoid new links. Make sure if that is coming from a trustworthy person or not. Especially avoid the one that has been shortening before sending it.

Remove the previous login

Don’t forget to logout if you use a device that’s not yours. If you fail to, don’t worry. You’ll get the option of “session out” in your accounts. Try that, and you’ll be automatically logged out from your accounts.

Even after using two-step verification, you need to make sure your account is logged out from every other device that’s not yours.

Unknown device

Don’t use any device that is not trusted as a cyber cafe, or another person’s pc or mobile. You don’t want to risk your data by logging into here and there. The device could contain spy or any other methods to crack your password. Even if you log out, the hacker can get you to log in through the spy. 

So could you stay away from doing it?

Play it safe

Often we hear about the hacking of accounts and being viral information. Your account can be your bank number, your pictures, or anything. You don’t want to face hackings.

So play it safe, be nice on social media. If you argue with someone unknown, thinking you won’t be caught, or that person cannot get you, you’re mistaken. If that person knows the hacking method or knows someone who knows hacking, you can suffer much.

So it’s better not to get into an argument or fight on social media.

Professional method

This method is the last but not least. This securing method is only for professionals. Cause, as an individual, it’s normal if you can’t afford it.

In this method, you need to hire a hacker. Suppose you’re a business person or public figure, there is a huge possibility of your account getting hijacked.

So hire a professional hacker who will try to hack your account. If your account gets hacked, that means it has a vulnerability. The hacker will tell you what changes you should bring to make the account most vital.

This will work as a self-test.

Well, these were the top ten ways to secure your account. Social media is the stimulation of our real life. As in real life, we tend to maintain safety and security either in the house or on the road. In the same way, we should maintain safety and security on social media too.

I hope this article was helpful to you. Try to follow the steps and make your account secure. Thank you for reading. Pass this article to your friends and family who need to know about the safety of social media.




Five Easy Tricks To Know Wi-Fi password – 2020

Suppose you’re connected to a Wi-Fi but you don’t know the password. Now if you want to get connected to your other devices with that same Wi-Fi, what’s the best possible solution?

You can simply ask dor it to the owner. But it seems embarrassing. Right? Or you probably don’t want to disturb him/her. You may also forget your own Wi-Fi password by mistake.

No worries. In this article, you’re going to know about five simple tricks to know the Wi-Fi password that you’re already connected to. These tricks you can use both on mobile and laptop. Continue reading to know the amazing information.

Tricks to see the Wi-fi password

Here we’ll present five tricks to get The Wi-fi password. It may help you in many ways. But don’t use these links for any kind of immoral work as hacking. 

Here we’ll know three unknown tricks to see the wifi password you’re using on your mobile. Not only this but also we’ll know two amazing tricks of getting the wifi password on windows. Let’s not waste time, and know the amazing tricks or methods.

The first trick (Android)

Here we’ll know how to see the password through mobile. I’m giving here the procedures step by step.

  1. Go to the wifi option on your mobile. There you’ll see the option wifi-connected.
  2. Press the wifi network you’re connected to.
  3. You’ll see an option called modify network.
  4. Here you’ll see the option of change your password. But you need to click on the show advance option beneath that.
  5. After clicking on show advance, you’ll see the Ip settings option down there.
  6. Click the dynamic option there.
  7. Make that static.
  8. Now you’ll see many IP addresses. Choose the one written gateway. There you’ll see an address, which is actually the address of login to the backend.
  9. Copy that IP address. Paste it on the browser. Or if you see any option called open or browsing after selecting the address, you can use that too.
  10. Now you’ll see the backend login option of the router company the password is.
  11. Maximum people don’t feel the necessity of changing the backend password. This is the chance you’re getting to crack the password.
  12. Every company has its own default password. Know the company of the router and you can easily get the default one on the internet.
  13. Put the username and default password.
  14. After login, search the wireless option. There you’ll see the password. Connect that into your other devices and use them without having any hassle.

NB: You’ll also see the option changing password. If the owner is not you, then it’s better to stay away from that option.

In this case, some router companies don’t provide an extra backend password. The real password is counted as the backend one. Other than that, 80-90% of the time, you can use this method to see the password.

The second trick (Android)

The second way is really very simple, especially for the latest android version users. This method is completed by the QR code.

Well, if you don’t know what QR code is, then it’s a system of sharing passwords, without even typing it.

Let’s know the process step by step:

  1. Go to the wifi setting, and tap the wifi network you’re connected to.
  2. Tap to that network and you’ll find the Qr code. Have a screenshot.
  3. Crop that screenshot and keep only the QR code part and save it.
  4. Now go to your browser, Type QR code extractor, and search it.
  5. You’ll find a QR code decoder named ZXing.
  6. Go to the website, upload the cropped screenshot of the QR code.
  7. By submitting you’ll get the real password and you can easily use this in other devices.

The third trick (Android)

This one is the most complicated among all the methods. This is not recommended as this method needs your phone to be rooted. This method can vary depending on the android versions.

Let’s know the steps:

  • If your phone is rooted then you can use any root explorer as ES file manager or X-plorer. 
  • Once you get root access through these explorers, you can get data, misc, wifi, Wpa_supplicant.conf. 
  • Open that file and you’ll get the password

These are the steps to follow for getting the password easily. Though phone root is never appreciated.

Now, as we know the mobile tricks, let’s move on to the windows tricks. Now you’re going to know two trich by that you can easily get to see the password.

The fourth trick (Windows)

Let’s not do late and get straight to the steps:

  1. At first, you need to press Windows + R.
  2. Then you’ll see the run command. Type there Ncpa.cpl and press ok.
  3. Now you’ll see the list of networks you’re connected to.
  4. Now just simply click on the network, which password you want to see.
  5. Double click on that particular network.
  6. Now you’ll see the wireless properties option.
  7. Now there you’ll see another window opening on the upper side. There‘ll be also a tab called security.
  8. You’ll find a security key there. And that’s the wifi password you were searching for.

The fifth trick (Windows)

This is another trick that can help you to see the password of the wifi you’re connected to. This method is done by command prompt.

In case if you’re getting confused about what is command prompt. Nothing to worry. I’m explaining this here.

It’s basically a command-line interpreter. You give your input that’s command and as output, you get the result. A command prompt is a black screen on the window where you put your command and get the expected result.

Now, if you can use the command prompt to see your expected wifi password:

  • Go to the command prompt. Write down a command.
  • Simply type this there, NETSH WLAN SHOW PROFILE “connection name” KEY=CLEAR. 
  • This is actually the command you gave to your computer.
  • Press enter and you’ll find security settings
  • Go beneath that option and you’ll see an option named “key content”. There will be a password beside key content.
  • And that’s the password you were looking for. Simply use it and get connected with whatever device you want to, without even asking for it.

These were the tricks and tips by which, you can easily know the wifi password. I hope you’ll try this by yourself and get benefits.

Nowadays every restaurant, shopping mall or house beside you is using wifi. If somehow you lose your wifi connection, you don’t need to worry anymore. If you were ever connected to there network you can have the password easily. Just know these tricks and you’re good to go. 

Thanks for reading. Pass this article to your friends and family for their help.