How To Earn Free Cryptocurrency Online

How To Earn Free Cryptocurrency Online?

In the year 2020, there are very few people who haven’t heard about cryptocurrency and bitcoins.

Though being a well-known phenomenon, it’s not understood by all. You’ll hardly find a software company, international business, banks, or government who hasn’t researched cryptocurrency or not published any paper over this. Even this is very popular among freelancers and international service providers. Today in this article, we’ll understand cryptocurrency and how you can earn them for free.

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What’s Cryptocurrency?

What is Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is basically a virtual digital currency that is used as a medium of exchange. This online currency can’t be touched or seen. It is used for securing your payments online.

Cryptocurrency is nothing like the regular paper money we use. This is a form of digital currency that was developed by Satoshi Nakamoto, to create a peer to peer system for online payments. The most incredible thing about this system is, it’s not controlled by any third party. The whole system is controlled by cryptography. It is a decentralized method that works independently of any financial institution.

Let’s understand the process

To understand the process, let’s go with an example. When you go shopping and pay through cards, the card doesn’t pay the money. You use a pin or passcode and the money transaction from the bank you’re a member of. With digital currency, there’s no bank, entities, government, middleman controlling.

The underlying technology behind all this stuff is blockchain technology. Blockchain is basically a technology that has digitized human trust. It was created to remove human error from the transactional process and make it more secure and reliable.

Leading cryptocurrencies

The number of cryptocurrencies is 6,088 till 2020. But the exact number can’t be said, because of the changing frequency. Cryptocurrencies have grabbed the entire financial marketplace in a short time. Among them, we’ll talk about Bitcoin. Etherum, Ripple, and Litecoin. These are the most popular cryptocurrencies in today’s world.


Since the last decade, bitcoin is one of the most popular and expanded currencies on the internet. It’s a coin that is worth hundreds of US dollars. But it’s not made of gold, platinum, or anything. As we explained cryptocurrency, it’s not touchable. This coin just exists electronically.

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There is no organization authority deciding when to make more bitcoins, or how many to produce, keeping track of where they’re, and where they’re being invested? Now you can ask how does it work as a currency?

Like other cryptocurrencies, it has a little thing behind all these, called cryptography. Bitcoins are kept pretty safe because of cryptography. That is why it’s called cryptocurrency. You can easily exchange coins on your computer and peer to peer network.

Bitcoin is an entry on a huge global ledger called the blockchain. The technology behind all this stuff is blockchain technology. This is basically a technology that has digitized human trust. It was created to remove human error from the transactional process and make it more secure and reliable.

Bitcoin’s worth is higher than other cryptocurrencies that exist in the whole marketplace, Huge companies as Microsoft,, etc. This money exchange game is much easier.


Beside bitcoin, there is another cryptocurrency named Ethereum. Etherum and bitcoin both use the same blockchain, but they don’t use the same currency.

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Ethereum is different from bitcoin by the contract system. This system pays the users after meeting certain conditions. Ethereum is popular for the quick transaction system, As Ethereum has the smartest contract system, you don’t need to wait for any kind of paperwork. You can get money in a faster and easier way.

In the traditional transactional way, you need to deal with the mediate transaction system. With the smart contract system of Ethereum, you don’t need to pay any third party.


Ripple is one of the leading cryptocurrencies around the world. With the Ripple process transactions, you can send money without any kind of high foreign transaction fees. Ripple is super fast and can handle 1500 transactions per second.


Litecoin also has a system of blockchain. It also has a public ledger and miners that verify transactions. Litecoin provides outstanding performance in the processing speed, the large supply of currency, and less complex algorithms.

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In Litecoin the transaction process can be done in 2.5 minutes. Litecoins have more coins than bitcoins. It’s almost 84 million coins. Litecoin is also much easier to use. It has the easiest algorithms.

As we’ve discussed the most four cryptocurrencies. Just imagine getting these precious coins for free. Don’t be amazed, we’ll talk about how you can get free bitcoins.

Ways to get free bitcoin

I get a lot of people asking what’s the way of getting bitcoins without investing. Today we’ll know about the ways of getting bitcoins for free. There are six exciting ways that can get you free bitcoin.

  • Gambling
  • Faucets
  • Mining
  • Affiliate programs
  • Getting paid directly


Though gambling doesn’t offer you sure winning, it can get you bitcoins. It may seem to be an easy way of getting money, it includes a huge number of risks. You can try your luck if you only have enough capital to take risks. You can find websites to test your luck over this.

Faucets and games

Faucets can give you a small amount of bitcoin in certain time spans. On some bitcoin dice websites, you can earn 0.0001 per five minutes.  To get this, you need to have zero balance,  You can also get coins by playing games and spending time on that website. The amount is not enough to satisfy one. But sometimes it can be good enough by just spending time on the website.


Mining can be a very effective way of earning bitcoins. You can get this by solving computational problems and blocking mines. This way is applied by mostly the professionals. As it’s not that easy to earn enough profits for the beginners on a small scale.

Bitcoin mining is also important for security. This process is also called proof of work (POW). Mining works to hold up the scarceness of bitcoins that can also prevent copy or creation.

Affiliate programs

Affiliate programs are popular in the marketplace as well as the easiest way of getting free bitcoins. There are some websites where you can earn bitcoins by referring to others. You’ll get rewards such as discounts, points, or bitcoins.

Getting paid directly

You can earn bitcoins by requesting a donation to your website. If you’re a freelancer or work for a company that pays you through the internet, you can ask them to pay you by bitcoins.

Well, these are some ways of getting free bitcoins. Bitcoins aren’t only valuable but also the most demanding and secure cryptocurrencies ever. Cryptocurrencies are being popular gradually.

Hope you got enough information to understand cryptocurrencies. Thank you for reading. Pass the information to your friends and family who need to understand cryptocurrency.

how to buy bitcoin

Buying Bitcoin – uncomplicated and fast, tips and tricks for trading Bitcoin

Within a few days, the Bitcoin price has risen from 6,170 euros (3 January 2020) to 7,962 euros (15 January 2020). That is a price gain of around 28 percent in less than two weeks. This price development is reminiscent of the Bitcoin hype a few years ago: Anyone who bought Bitcoins for a few hundred euros back then is now a millionaire. But how can you as an investor invest in Bitcoin, where can you buy Bitcoin and why can Bitcoin trading still be interesting for investors and speculators? We have selected providers where the Bitcoin purchase is easily done in just 15 minutes via PayPal. We also tell you how you can buy Bitcoin alternatively at a marketplace (with wallet).

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Product Recommendation: At Paybis, you can easily make deposits via banktransfer, credit card and other payment methods , opening an account takes 15 minutes. In the following we will tell you what makes buying Bitcoin through a CFD broker so special, why a Bitcoin investment is so exciting for you as an investor, and what other ways you can participate in the performance of Bitcoin.



Bitcoin (BTC) is the best known crypto currency of all and still by far the most important. In terms of market capitalization, Bitcoin is clearly ahead of its competitors, and in terms of performance, no other digital currency can hold a candle to Bitcoin: At nearly 140 billion US dollars, the market capitalization of Bitcoin in January 2020 is far ahead of that of Ethereum (15 billion) and Ripple (8 billion).

The price development of the most important crypto currency is also unique: in 2016 alone, the Bitcoin exchange rate climbed by more than 125 percent, and in 2017 Bitcoin reached highs of almost 20,000 US dollars. Anyone who trades Bitcoins and has a close eye on the Bitcoin exchange rate can make a fortune with a bit of luck. In the past, the most successful crypto currency made one or two investors a millionaire.

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Some analysts predict that Bitcoin will rise to 500,000 dollars and more. As the “Blockchain and Cryptoasset Pre-Event” at the beginning of April 2019 showed, more and more professional asset managers and institutional advisors want to recommend the blockchain and cryptoasset currencies as investments. Bitcoins are also gaining more and more acceptance among more financial institutions. The US investment bank JPMorgan, for example, has launched its own crypto-currency and many customers in Swiss online trading can already buy with crypto-currencies.

Bitcoins have long since ceased to be just nameless online coins that computer users use to make anonymous purchases on the Internet. Bitcoin trading is popular with both private investors and speculators, and the potential still seems great. Especially the recent large price movements are proof of this.

Around the Bitcoin hype at the end of 2017, some critics saw Bitcoin as a risky investment and described the most important crypto currency as “hot air”.

In the end, the Bitcoin price is regulated by supply and demand. And the demand for anonymous money such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin & Co. continues to grow strongly. The reasons for this are, for example, the forward-looking block chain technology, the investment in Bitcoin and capital controls that can be successfully circumvented with the help of crypto money.


Given the performance and technical possibilities of online currencies, many investors are becoming increasingly interested in Bitcoin. If you would like to buy Bitcoin and participate in the performance of the most important Internet currency, there are several options available to you – we have examined the advantages and disadvantages of each of them.


Investors who are primarily interested in participating in the performance of Bitcoin can trade Bitcoins relatively easily through a CFD broker. Opening an account is particularly fast, and deposits can be made by credit card, PayPal or bank transfer.

You can think of a Bitcoin CFD as a security that reflects the Bitcoin price. You as an investor participate directly in the development of the Bitcoin price, but do not own Bitcoin physically. If you wish, you can add leverage to the Bitcoin CFD – you can find out more about this in our CFD Trading Guide. Please note that CFD trading is more heavily regulated since August 2018.

A 1:1 participation without leverage is of course also possible. The biggest advantage of a Bitcoin CFD is that you can get your money back immediately and in full in case of a sale. This is not a matter of course: Various Bitcoin exchanges have daily payout limits, so a payout of your capital can sometimes take several days.

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Tip: With Bitcoin it is also possible to buy a VPN anonymously. We recommend a good provider here