How To Use Proton VPN For Free

Imagine you’re using public WiFi and doing your work on the internet sitting in a coffee shop. Someone under that same server can easily get all your information, data, and even passwords by hacking tricks.

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You can easily secure yourself from all these risks by simply using a VPN.

Nowadays VPNs are used by everyone. you must’ve listened about VPN. It’s probably possible you’ve used one before. But do you really know how you can use them for free?

If not then this article will tell you everything about VPN and how you can use them for absolutely free. Today we’ll talk about the right free VPN you should get in the year 2020. That is Proton VPN. We’ll also know how you can use one.

 Well, before starting you should get an idea about what actually VPN is and why you need to use them.

What is a VPN?

VPNs are used for so many things, but at the end of the day, they all fall in the same umbrella. Before, these types of connections were mostly used in large businesses, and in the governmental work to keep their information safe and secure.

Those companies and governments needed their employees to access a secured internal network while working from home or in the field. Else they could be victims of hacking and other loss of data.

But in the world of globalization, not only the large businesses but also the small ones, and even the individuals use it to keep them online secured and private.

You might be in the confusion of the working system of VPNs. To understand this, we need to know how you risk your data, IP, and other important information.

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How does VPN work?

VPNs work as tunnel protocols. To understand clearly you’ve to know the root. When you type a website name, that’s basically a domain name. That domain name is a nickname for the website’s IP address.

An IP address works as a home address. As the IP address consists of numbers and is difficult to remember, there is a domain name system. However, your computer has an IP address too, and so does every device that is browsing the internet.

When you’re typing domain name on your browser, you send your data into the internet until it reaches that server and you get the expected website. But while transferring your data you also transfer your IP address, other information.

Someone at that same server can easily get access by hacking tricks of your passwords, emails, and all the other information. Besides the website, you can also access your information. Usually, it’s not a problem. But in case if you need more security, VPN can be a great solution

But by using a VPN you can easily get rid of all the risks. Now you can ask, how actually VPN saves us? How do they protect your privacy?

When you send your information online, a VPN creates a tunnel that encrypts your information. By doing this, if your information gets hacked, the hacker won’t be able to read it.

By using VPN you don’t send your data directly to the target server. First, it goes to the server of the VPN you use. This extra step helps you in a lot of ways.

Why is VPN so popular?

Besides the security issue, VPNs give some extra facilities that attract people. A lot of video streaming websites such as Netflix and Hulu have restrictions for some content depending on the IP address or geolocation.

Let’s assume you want to see one of the favorite content on Netflix. But that is unavailable in your country. What you can try is, using an American VPN and hiding your IP address or location. In this way, Netflix will think you’re in America and will give access to that restricted show.

Not only this but also changing your location can also provide benefits while booking hotels and flights. Researches have shown that hotels and ticket prices vary depending on locations. So, this way VPNs can save you a lot of data.

Now that you know what VPN is, it’s time to get one. Keep reading to know how you can get the best VPN of 2020

Free VPN:

Suppose you’re on a tight budget and don’t want to spend your money on a VPN. But at the same time, you want to secure your data or use it for other benefits. you can go for the free ones. There are bunches of free VPNs on the web.

Here we’ll talk about the most popular and reviewed Proton VPN. This one can fulfill all your basic needs better than the others.

Proton VPN:

Today we’ll know about a uniquely free VPN service called proton VPN. So if you ever heard of proton mail, proton VPN is also made by the same company. The best combinations and features that this VPN provides, you won’t get anywhere else for free. Though proton offers the paid version too, the free one is surprisingly generous.

Here to ProtonVPN

The free version here doesn’t limit your usage of data that most of the free VPN does in the market. The other thing is this free VPN doesn’t fluctuate that much as the others do. Being a free version, Proton provides you with a solid response on time.

There is more. Proton VPN is operated from a very cybersecurity-focused and privacy-friendly system. Though being a free user, you can expect that your data will be encrypted all the time.

Now you may ask how you can have a free VPN account?

How to get a Free Proton VPN account?

 Here I’ll describe step by step, how you can get your free proton VPN easily. I’ll also add pictures, that will help you to understand the steps more clearly. Follow these steps carefully.

  • Open your browser, go to the Proton site. Or you can also get it on play store.
  • Click on the signup button.
  • There you’ll see the plan options, Select the free one
  • Now, you need to give a username, password, and email address.

  • Give all the information and click on “Create an account.’


  • Now you need to complete the verification step. Completing the previous step you’ll get a verification code on your email address. You need to check the spam box also if you don’t get it directly. Once you get the code, copy it and paste it into the website or option. You’ll get more clarity from the pictures given below


  • Once you’re done with the registration, you can download the application according to your device. You’ll get all the options for android, ios, windows, and others. Or check the dashboard.

  • Now select a country location on which VPN you want.

  • Finally, this is how you can easily use the proton VPN for free.


As you’ve opened an account, you’ll experience the best free VPN. Not only this but you will also get a 7 days free trial of Proton VPN plus. In these seven days, you’ll get access to all the Proton features.

This is basically given to understand the difference between free features and the paid ones. If one needs the paid features after seven days, they have to subscribe to the paid plans.

If someone opens an account of Proton VPN and waits to try this later, they won’t get the pro features. The pro features are available only for the first seven days.

I hope that the article helped you a lot to understand all about VPN. Now you know what’s VPN, why you should use it, and most importantly the best VPN of 2020.

Proton VPN can be the best option for your use. Others may not be able to give you the same amount of facilities. Now, as you know how you can get them easily.

I’ll highly recommend you use Proton VPN, so do the researches.

 Thank you for reading. You can pass this article to your friends and family, who need to use a free VPN. But don’t know that they can get it for free with extra facilities. 

Get the VPN and enjoy movies, shows of any country, book tickets, and hotels with extra discounts and obviously secure yourself from all the data damage risks and hackings.