Nordpass: Password Manager & Digital Vault

Many of us use substantial and varied passwords for our online accounts. But very few people can remember this strong password. A lot of moments, we forget a number of essential passwords. And for this, we ought to bear a lot of problems.

Do you need to find clarification on this problem? I think you will get your reply to this article. You can get an explanation for your problem using the Nordpass manager. It will allow you to secure multiple passwords at once. Here I will discuss more further details of this. So read the article from start to end.

Now I will give you a clear idea about this topic.

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What is Nordpass?

NordPass is a proprietary password manager system. It helps users to keep their passwords and secure notes in one place. It is an encrypted password vault.

Simply put, the Nordpass password manager remembers your complex passwords. And automatically fills out, online forms and, accesses them from anywhere. So, there is no possibility of forgetting. It was started in 2019.

Is Nordpass stable?

Yes, this service is safe for you.

This service is composed of Zero-Knowledge Architecture. It means that no one from Nordpass will be able to see your master password, credit card details, encrypted notes. Your information will be safe even if the company violates the systems.

So, don’t worry about this.

The features of Nordpass

In Nordpass, all the basics of a password manager are present correctly. It syncs and saves passwords and automatically fills in passwords whenever you log in. Nordpass can operate over Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android. It also works in various browsers like Opera, Chrome, Firefox ETC.

Several times if you can’t imagine a secure password yourself then Nordpass will recommend you a strong password. Here you can store your various fast notes, credit card details, personal information, and, anything else you can securely store, in addition to your password. You can also apply a two-factor authentication system to log in to the account here. Hence there is no way of your account being hacked.

Here to NordPass

In Nordpass you can make in your folders passwords, you can securely give your password to other people, and you can carry passwords from different administrations. However, the sources must be chrome, Firefox, and a CSV file. It is a short and effortless process. Nordpass will also be able to import passwords with acknowledgment of scanned documents and images embedded.

It will provide 24-hour email support for customers. Currently, Nordpass has enlisted two new protection characteristics. The primary one is a data breach scanner, and the next one is password health. Through the first, they are Scanning the web to see if users have ever been compromised. And the second one helps users identify weak passwords.

The interface of Nordpass

It’s relatively easy to understand an all-in-one type where people can found everything of the Nordpass. The users will experience a straightforward and intuitive layout.

The formation is very compatible with managing all the technical processes like Password Management.

However, simplicity is the main feature here. The Nordpass user will get that most comfortable way to sign up for the various applications & software through this service.

Nordpass works silently. Like it always hides in the background and shows up in the needed time for synchronizing the password. Users few essential methods spread everywhere were much thanked, including the system users can customize the created passwords (by their time or by turning off parts that can be misread as something else, for example).

If it occurs to maintaining an account, logging in and entering the user’s settings, passwords, and other collected data is unsullied and specific. But, it would be pleasant to own a few more organizational devices – like tags for particular groups of data as well as particular folders. However, overall the software is straightforward to get around, and when it needs to find an exact password that is hard to remember.

The security system of Nordpass

Nordpass is very serious about their client’s information. Developers of Nordpass recently update the security system into a two-factor authentication system which brings another level of protective gear for the user. However, only Nordpass Premium Clients arcane this service is incredible. This security system requires a QR code to be scanned in users’ cell phones or tablets and decode it through Google Authenticator App, and then the people will need a secret key will be required for login for the account.

For the user’s satisfaction, Nordpass has another level of security system, which is biometric scanning. This feature allows the user only for their particular fingertips/fingertips or face IDs.

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Nordpass cost

The users will find here two different plans to choose from. It’s Free and Premium.

A free plan is available for a lifetime to any client. However, users will get a limited amount of features to use and not to mention it will be only available on one device. Moreover, the users will not receive any opportunity to use given folders with different users.

But it doesn’t require any credit or debit card which is a drop of water in the desert.

Premium plan costs 1.49 USD per month, and it gives users the to save unlimited passwords, keep notes & credit cards, synchronize across all devices in different places, maximum six active other devices, secure item sharing, extra password health, and also data breach scanner.

Also, there are a few categories in the premium plan. Such as family premium, student premium, etc.

Family premium costs 3.99 USD per month, where it can use five different accounts.

The student discount pack is 10% of the maximum cost, and the privileges are the same as the premium plan.

Therefore, If one of the users is searching for a password manager that is both easy and a handful, then you don’t demand any other password manager to be satisfied with your investment, this is for you, Nordpass.

I hope this article helps you a lot. Thank you for reading. You can pass the item to your family and friends who are looking for something like this.

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Nordlocker: The Best Cloud Encryption Solution by NordVPN

Suppose people see some of the essential files that you want to keep separate from everyone else. You must want to keep your files secure. But do you know whereby to keep it? Don’t worry. I will provide you with clarification about your problem here.

You can keep your essential files secure using Nord LockerIt protects your important documents.  Study the full article to understand more items about this.

Here to NordLocker

What Is Nordlocker?

Nordlocker is a data encryption command app for Mac, IOS, and Windows. It protects the files on your computer, including end-to-end encryption. It allows you to ensure that no one can access your data without your permission.

Is Nordlocker Safe?

Yes, obviously. It is the safest locker to defend your documents.

Nordlocker provides end-to-end encryption, meaning all client-side files are encrypted here. You can easily encrypt your data files and decrypt them only if you choose to share them with other Nordlocker users.

You can keep them wildly protected elsewhere if you want. You can save them to Dropbox or Google Drive if you wish, they will be very secure.

Nordlocker is a valuable app. It is a safe option for encryption and powerful ciphers. It will take every safeguard to protect your data from advanced encryption techniques.

How to use NordLocker?

The first thing you need to do is data with the locker you want to use and haul the files or folders into it. If you move a file into the vault, you need to understand that you will copy or move the file. You will then see that the file you copied is protected and then you need to delete the actual file safely.

Here to NordLocker

The features of Nordlocker

It is not a complicated program. It almost encrypts everything you dip into it, whether it’s your picture or something else. It means that if someone can gain access to your computer or your hard drive, they will not be able to understand the files in Nordlocker.

It is combined with the cloud storage component from beta. It may not be enough to save all your data, but it will serve as a way to protect and share your most important files. If you need to encrypt more data and conserve it to the cloud, then prices are not restrictive, and at least for free, you should have an idea of whether Nordlocker is for you.

Files can be synced between computers and securely through this cloud storage. Windows and macOS come with built-in encryption for your files. And that operating system is password protected by the account you use. Nordlocker gives you peace of mind by keeping your files safe.

Individual lockers can be securely shared with anyone by allocating permissions from the app. You may have several individual lockers. However, those who do this must sign up and install the application.

Interface of Nordlocker

When you sign up for Nordlocker, it won’t take you long to grip the software. The essential part of the setup process is to input the master password. If you forget this, you will not be able to get your files back in Nordlocker.  So, You need to remember the password.

Here to NordLocker

When your files are encrypted, you can drag and drop them into the Nord Locker window or select them through Finder or File Explorer. If you send files to the cloud, it will speed up both the encryption process and the necessary uploading. You can create an encrypted copy of the files in your vault, or you will have the option to encrypt the files and transfer them to the vault.

With Nord Locker, you can drag files into the cloud and your local storage as you need. And you will clearly define it. The only setting in the desktop application is whether you want to switch or copy files to the Nordlocker folder.

The security of Nordlocker

Nordlocker is a powerful security system. In modern times Argon 2, AES256 and ACC encryption protocols also employ xchacha20, RdDSA, and Poly1305 to take encryption very seriously. No one can decrypt your files without your master password.

One more thing there is no two-factor authentication system to log in to your private account. But effectively using your master password (without the username and password in your account) is an additional step. No one on the web can access your files.

The pricing of Nordlocker

You can use it for free. If you can afford 5GB of cloud storage space or if you don’t feel the need to use cloud storage at all, you can use Nord Locker for free. Here you can continue local encryption as you wish, there is no limit. So you can throw as much as you can think in the folder.

But you can use its premium version. To use the premium, you will have to pay once or twice a month for a significantly higher price as usual. In the premium account, you will get more advantages. If you want to give a monthly payment, you have to pay $ 7.99 or 6.15 dollars. But if you’re going to commit to it for the whole year, you have to pay $47.88. It will give you 500 GB of secure cloud storage which is relatively substantial.

Here to NordLocker


Nordlocker is excellent for encrypting files on the local disk, and it works fast. It is beautifully designed. However, it can be accurate or harmful for you, depending on your simplicity.

There is no way to specify if you can easily use it for free without manually syncing files to and from the locker cloud. Anyway, You can transmit the locker vault to another cloud storage if you wish.

I believe the article advises you guys a lot.

If you want to register with Nordlocker, then click on the link below.

Here to NordLocker

Amazon gives you up to 65 euros for the Prime Day – so you get the money

please note: this is about the german amazon. but it can certainly work for other countries as well

This has never happened before: In the run-up to Prime Day 2020, Amazon customers can dust off up to 65 euros in shopping credit. We will tell you how to get the money.

Dusting off up to 65 euros of Amazon credit: Here’s how

Amazon customers have been waiting for a long time, but now it is finally official: Prime Day 2020, which has been postponed due to Corona, will take place on October 13 and 14, with over one million offers, exclusively for Prime members. Those who do not yet have a membership can test Prime free of charge for 30 days and then simply cancel it again after Prime Day with just a few clicks.

In the run-up to the event, Prime customers can collect up to 65 euros, as three campaigns are currently running in parallel:

Amazon gives you 10 euros for the Prime Day: This is how the campaign works

Anyone who makes purchases for at least 10 euros from selected Marketplace merchants up to and including 12 October will receive a 10 euro credit from Amazon. This can be used for almost all Amazon products on Prime Day. Exceptions are alcohol, Amazon gift cards, subscriptions, taxes, shipping, books, gift wrap fees or Prime Now orders. Read all other terms and conditions here.

Amazon customers should not find it difficult to find Marketplace articles for 10 euros, because the selection is huge and includes many bestsellers.

Amazon action is to support Marketplace dealers in the Corona crisis

With this action the on-line giant wants to help small and middle enterprises according to own statement:

Amazon strengthens its commitment to small and medium-size enterprises, which are supported on Prime Day with the largest small business promotion to date. From today until 12 October, Prime members who buy products from selected small and medium-sized local sales partners at for at least 10 euros will receive 10 euros in credit that they can use on Prime Day. On this year’s Prime Day and during the Christmas season, Amazon is supporting small and medium-sized companies from all over the world with over 85 million euros to promote their products. Although this year has been particularly challenging for many small and medium sized companies, selling at Amazon allows hundreds of thousands of these companies to maintain and even expand their businesses throughout the Corona crisis.

In addition to this prime-exclusive campaign, other offers have already been launched. For example, you will get another 50 Euro instead of 40 Euro credit if you decide to use the Amazon credit card. Amazon will also give you another 5 Euros if you install the Amazon Assistant.

Fake IT Bulkgenerator Live

We are happy to announce that the “Fake it Bulkgenerator” (Beta) is finished and online. You will get access via a purchase of premium access. With this you can generate a lot of data even without API knowledge.

Do not hesitate to send us suggestions for improvement. Only with the help of the community we can make fake it even better.

Buy access here:



Oboom introduces mixed payment for new customers and downloads

Oboom is in the fight against DDownload, RapidGator and Uploaded in a real cut-throat competition. In the next few months it will be decided who is ahead in the German-speaking underground. In order to gain market share, the sharehoster Oboom is introducing a mixed remuneration for its partners.

Oboom pays higher commissions with immediate effect

The spokesman for Oboom told us today in our video conference that the company’s management is not primarily concerned with making profits at the moment. After the separation from Smoozed, they would rather “catapult their own project forward”. The market for downloaders of German language works is highly competitive. As soon as the highest court of justice gives its verdict against Uploaded, the cake will be redivided again.

oboom smoozedIn November 2019, the European Court of Justice was asked to make a landmark decision in order to finally settle several lawsuits. could recover the damages from the actual infringers (uploaders) by way of recourse. But then the registration process would have to be adapted to the know-your-customer principle of banks etc. In this case, the uploaders would have to present a genuine copy of their identity card when registering. But this would automatically end the business model of every scene host. Be that as it may. It is quite possible that after the judgement, there will be no way around a liquidation of Cyando AG, the operating company of Uploaded. That’s why the makers of Oboom are currently focusing on conquering market share. And at all costs.

Mixed remuneration for the partners

For member recruitment, Oboom currently pays a commission of 60 percent for new customers. With inventory customers it is nevertheless 50 per cent. For 1,000 mediated Downloads depending upon size up to 60 EUR are paid. Besides one introduced recently a mixture consisting of member advertisement and Downloads. The mix program offers 50% for new customers, 40% for existing customers and up to 30 EUR for up to 1,000 downloads. In the forum Szenebox it is said that since the bust of all sharehosters have solved their problems from the uploader’s point of view. In December the user wrote “fuckedup” that he has no more problems with his transfers, they all arrive properly. For Dedicated Engineering Ltd. it’s literally about the sausage. If one of the online storage services were to experience long-term technical problems, this would have enormous negative consequences. Surely nobody can or wants to afford that.

Discount for downloaders

oboomSame time when Smoozed and Oboom split up, the prices for downloaders were also reduced. For a one month subscription the price is reduced by 20%. Whoever becomes a quarter year paying customer can deduct 30%. Premium users who book Oboom for one year can look forward to a 70% discount. They pay instead of nearly 100 only 29.99 EUR ! According to the Oboom spokesman, pricing will be adjusted to the intensity of use of the service.

If there are and remain many customers, one will not change the conditions. With comparatively few consumers, the subscription prices will rise, because the company is currently focused on non-profit.


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