Real ELV Data (Germany) – Unique

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You get a real ELV record in the format:



This data is real and not generated!

Please note: We currently only accept crypto currency for payment.


Please note: For security reasons, we confirm the order manually. This can take several hours but also 1-2 days. Please do not send emails to the support where your order remains. We ask for your understanding.


23 reviews for Real ELV Data (Germany) – Unique

  1. René Specht


  2. renespecht5

    Real ELV Data (Germany)

  3. paypls06 (verified owner)

    The datas are all real, I can really vouch for it! Also, my payment was late due to bitcoin traffic, and they help me with my order! Thank you! This is the best!

    • Fake it (verified owner)

      you are welcome

  4. Andy

    fake ID number generator D

  5. yangbingbing


  6. emirslifer1

    Hi i bought 3 at once ive sent the btc to the address but i didnt got product H6K5CKDC that is blockchain reference

    • Fake it (verified owner)

      Your payment has failed. You need to buy new please.
      You must pay the exact amount.

  7. mohammadiavad.m

    Hello will u give me full cc informations?
    I mean can i carding with this?

    • Fake it (verified owner)

      You will get full ELV data. As specified

  8. Reda

    It good

  9. gtavary2000

    Hey Guys. Did anyone test it for Buying things using the IBAN?

    • Fake it (verified owner)

      No. Join our Telegram channel. Here we sometimes post free elv

  10. AbdElMo

    Hi i am news in website
    HOW TO get iban and do benft TO buy all shop

    • Fake it (verified owner)

      pay with the right cryptos and you can buy

  11. semig4

    is it possible to send btc over bitpanda ?

    • Fake it (verified owner)

      it doesn’t matter what platform.
      just send the right cryptos and everything works

  12. Alex Schneider

    Ok gut 👍

  13. Sir Timothy V Dietrich Söderberg



    will this iban work for Netflix billing ? i mean would it pay every month ?

    • Fake it (verified owner)

      this can not be said and must be tested

  15. post more please

    much time no free elv on channel

    • Fake it (verified owner)

      buy here

  16. Anon

    Looks good and I trust the FAKE-IT team, but I hesitate to buy it because I don’t have any way of using this data to get money.
    Please sell methods to profit with this data on the shop, I would pay even $100 for that.

    I also recommend you to start selling CCs here, because people trust your website and that’s very important for a CC shop, best of luck

  17. storm

    is it possible to buy 3/4 id’s over bitpanda with btc ?

    • Fake it (verified owner)

      no ids in stock

  18. Ameur

    Possible video of how to buy from your store

    • Fake it (verified owner)

      Sorry for what? Is easy

  19. flyrise9 (verified owner)

    I got My order and am going to order again.. do you guys have other elv countries like usa & UK … I only see Germany…

    • Fake it (verified owner)

      only germany..

  20. vitalynamm114 (verified owner)

    Hello im not a Bot and the payment was esay and the datas a real 😉

  21. Andres


  22. reinerjuergen112 (verified owner)

    top Service! and i buy with the IBAN in Amazon a Apple watch to crazy!

  23. Prince

    There’s one payment gateway called SOFORT BANKING which accepts IBAN , but it asks for PIN of the bank also , would you give that too or can your elv be used with SOFORT gateway ?

    • Fake it (verified owner)

      of course not… they are only elvs…

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