If you’re looking for the best and powerful applications for your windows and you don’t want to pay, then you must be afraid and confused about which one to get.

Well, nothing to worry about. As you’ve searched on the internet, you won’t be disappointed. We here will talk about the top ten free lite windows applications. Keep reading.

In the year 2020, the world has been all about mobile, internet, science, and globalization. Here I won’t give you a lesson on science. 

But looking for decent as well as reliable apps can be proved a tough task. And the ones that ain’t free consists of slow updates and poor service and bad reviews. Which is why I’ve researched and found some amazing windows applications for free.

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Top Ten Free Applications For your windows:

Let’s get into the point. The amazing applications are:

  • Everything Software
  • Unlocker software
  • Texter Software
  • Uncheacky Software
  • QTTabBar Software.
  • WinDirstat Software
  • Recuva Software
  • Ditto Software
  • Ninite Software
  • Turbo Top

As we know the applications, let’s make this easier for you. Here we’ll discuss the applications as well as how you can use them.


The first windows application you must have is Everything. You’ll be surprised to know the file size of this one. It’s only 1.4 megabytes.

This amazing software was developed on December 22, 2004. You must’ve noticed the searching difficulties. The default option of windows is extremely slow and takes a lot of time to serve the output.

Everything is the application that makes searching so easy. It helps you to get the file instantly without wasting time. Even before finishing the search term, you get the result.

This will search in every directory and file of your computer. Here is a secret, you should know. Everything is capable enough to serve the locked and secret files and folders if you search. In this case, use your brain and don’t give any obvious name to your folder. As; My secret file, my private photos, etc.

How To Get?

  • Go to the link with everything software.
  • Download the software.
  • Click on the option you want.
  • Once you install the application on your computer, you save a huge time waiting to get a search result.

The application has no difficulties in installing and using. Try this one right now and make your computer better and faster.


The second software I will suggest is “Unlocker”. Don’t be astonished to know the size of this one. This is only 393 kilobytes. Don’t go on the size. This is a must-have powerful application on your computer.

Among hundreds of applications, you may get irritated by some files that are difficult to move, rename, and even to delete. To delete this file folder you can simply install Unlocker.

But here is a point to notice. There can be some files that don’t erase instantly. They have an option of the restart. That means when you schedule the file with Unlocker and later restart that, the file gets deleted.

Don’t overdo it by deleting the windows files. Else, you can get into trouble

How to Get:

  • Go to the Unlocker site.
  • Select the download latest version option and install it.
  • Once you install the application, you’re ready to use it free.


The third one you would love to use is “Texter”. This one is for the lazy texters who don’t have the time to spell fully. Sometimes this may get messy and confuse the meaning of the sentence. This application will automatically correct those words.

Not only this. We sometimes make spelling mistakes, which is enough to destroy your impression. Use this software to get perfection.

Besides, on this application, you can set a word which you use frequently. By doing this you can save the time of typing that word continuously.

Again the size of the application is way too small. The size is only 462 kilobytes.

How To Get:

  • Go to the Texter site.
  • Go to the free download option.
  • It’ll simply help you while texting for free.


The fourth application you should have is Unchecky. When we install any application or software, they require some permissions.

For example, you’re installing one software, but the setting is asking for another software permission. Maximum time, you don’t check the questions as we obviously don’t have the time of reading all the small details.

Unchecky can protect you from all the hassle and stops powerful threats and viruses. Unchecky is a software of only 1.92 megabytes.

How to use:

  • Go here in Unchecky
  • Click the download option.
  • Use this software and protect your computer from all the unwanted applications for free.


Well, this one is liter as well as powerful. Though the size is comparatively bigger. QTTabBAr is only 4.5 megabytes.

With this software, you can synthesize your windows as tabs. For easy access to your window, you can use this software.

It will help you to get the one easily as well as fastly.

How To Get:

  • Go to the link here of QTTabBAr.
  • The download option is there.
  • Click and experience a better and synthesized window.

It’s no hassle to install and use these applications. I’m providing the links for saving your time.


This is the sixth one of my top ten list. Like the last one, this is also around 6.5 megabytes. This is extremely easy to delete or empty your drives of your pc.

If you notice at the default explorer of your window, there is nothing mentioned about the file sizes. By using this amazing application, you can easily see the sizes, in which folder they exist, the numbers as a list.

Not only this also you can see the list synchronized automatically. You can use this software and easily get the biggest and smallest bulky files you want to delete.

How To Get:

  • Go to the WinDirstat site.
  • Click on the download option.
  • Experience the amazing application and save your time on searching files and to. kno0w the sizes.


The seventh application file size is only 7.5 megabytes. Still, it’s way too later than the other free files. This one is popular. And you must’ve listened about it if you ever researched about the free software for windows.

This one is only used for file recovery. Suppose you’ve deleted some files by mistake. Use Recuva and you have nothing to worry about. You can get the file or information back easily.

You can get a lot of fraud applications that claim to recover without bucks. But after installing they claim the money. But Recuva is nothing like that. You can easily use this for free.

How To Get?

  • Go to the link here of Recuva.
  • Simply click download.
  • Install and don’t panic now if you delete something by mistake. With this application, you can easily get them back without spending money.


Ditto is another extremely important and useful application, that you can use for free. This is the biggest one of the top ten list. It’s around 22 megabytes.

In the windows, you can’t copy multiple texts. Suppose you wanted to copy something but by mistake you copied something you didn’t want.

No worries. Ditto gives you the choice of copying multiple texts at a time. And later you can use them wherever and whatever you want.

How To Get:

  • Go to this link of DItto.
  • Click the Download option.
  • And you’re good to go.

NB: There is a possibility of coming to this option by default on the next update of Windows 10. Even if they don’t provide the option, Ditto is here.


Ninite is actually a website. This one is essential for installing the latest version software for your computer. You don’t have to save it in your hard drive for later

Once you know about nine, you don’t have to individually go for every software and download it. Ninite will download and install the software you want in no time.

How To Use?

  • Go to the website here Ninite.com.
  • You’ll dee all the essential software list.
  • Mark whatever you want.
  • Click on “get your Ninite.

The fun fact is you don’t have to do anything. Just one click and the website will do it automatically. No more hustle for installing the essentials for your fresh computer.

Turbo Top:

Turbo Top is used for keeping your folder always on top. You can easily use it to get important folders and files.

The Turbo top is around the only 1 megabyte. By using this you don’t have to carry the hassle of searching and wasting time in the busy world. 

How To Use?

  • Here is the link you can go to Turbo Top.
  • Click on the download option.
  • Install and experience smooth functioning.

Well, these are the ten software everyone should have on their computer. I hope this article help[ed you a lot. To get better quality and experience smooth functioning, don’t forget to install the applications. Thank you for reading.