Ten Ways to Secure Social Media

In today’s world, where everything is internet-based, there will be hardly any people who don’t use social media. Either it’s your grandparents or a kid, everyone these days are on social media.

As we’ve become so dependent on social media, our vital information and conversations can be found here easily. In this case, security and safety is something you can be worried about.

 No worries, you don’t have to think of deleting your accounts. What you need to do is follow some rules. These will save you from hackings.

Here in this article, you’re going to know about ten ways to secure your social media. Before getting into the topic, let’s understand what social media means. Does it include your mobile or computer, google, and Youtube too?

Don’t get confused. Here, You’ll get all the answers. Keep reading.

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What is social media?

Social media is a computer-based technology that people use for sharing ideas, thoughts, or content. This has made communication among people easier and smoother. There are different types of social media. Each of them has various purposes.

Social networking

This includes Facebook, LinkedIn, google+. People use these to make communication stronger. Google+ can answer any of your questions at any time.

 On the other hand, you can chat and ask anything anytime with your friends on Facebook. Linkedin is for official people who want not to mix their professional and personal life.


This includes Twitter and tumbler. From a president of one country to a high school student, nowadays everyone has an account on twitter. This has built an incredible and more vital network in society.

Photo sharing

As I’ve mentioned before, social media is for sharing content and ideas. Through Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest, people publish their pictures and related thoughts over images.

Video sharing

Youtube, Facebook live, Vimeo, and periscope is something people use for sharing their created videos. These can be for any purposes; as educational, entertainment, etc.

You can have your account in any of these. I’ve mentioned the most popular ones though there are many. But do you know how to secure your funds? Keep reading to learn tips.

Ten ways to secure your account

Complex password

The first and essential thing of securing your social media is using a complex password. It would help if you used a combination of numbers, words, and special characters. It’s better if you can put a mixture of lowercase and uppercase in your password.

Real identity

We sometimes use fake names or the name that is not in our certificates in our accounts. Besides, you need to use a real birthdate in your account. This is because, if your account gets hacked somehow, you can quickly get it back by reporting facebook.

For verification, Facebook can want your documents as NID or passport. If you use a fake name or information, it will fail to get verified.

You should also not use Latin letters in your name. Try to keep it as simple as possible.

Two-step verification

Two-step verification is something that can protect you from hacking. If someone somehow gets to know your email or password, they still can’t log into your account. That’s right; through two steps, you set double protection. If someone wants to log in, you’ll get a code on your mobile. You need to use that code as a one time password. Then you can log in only.

This method is quite good and safe for securing the account. Try this out.

App permission

Either it’s a game or website, someone that requires you to log in. If you’re going to log in with your social media, double-check the terms and conditions of that site or app. You’ll get the option of app permission. Read out the whole thing. Make sure that a third party app or website is secured.

Else that can easily get access to your account and get all our data.

Hide login information

It’s better not to show any sensitive information publicly to your account. As if your email or phone number is related to your account, the hacker can easily hack it by using it. So, try to keep all the sensitive information hidden.

You’ll get the “only me” option. Use that to hide these. If you want to show your email address or phone number, then put the one that isn’t related to any account of yours.

Link sharing

Avoid clicking on unknown links to stay protected. Don’t trust any link coming from strangers. Hackers use this link method often. If one clicks on a particular link, all the information related to your account can transfer to the hacker.

So avoid new links. Make sure if that is coming from a trustworthy person or not. Especially avoid the one that has been shortening before sending it.

Remove the previous login

Don’t forget to logout if you use a device that’s not yours. If you fail to, don’t worry. You’ll get the option of “session out” in your accounts. Try that, and you’ll be automatically logged out from your accounts.

Even after using two-step verification, you need to make sure your account is logged out from every other device that’s not yours.

Unknown device

Don’t use any device that is not trusted as a cyber cafe, or another person’s pc or mobile. You don’t want to risk your data by logging into here and there. The device could contain spy or any other methods to crack your password. Even if you log out, the hacker can get you to log in through the spy. 

So could you stay away from doing it?

Play it safe

Often we hear about the hacking of accounts and being viral information. Your account can be your bank number, your pictures, or anything. You don’t want to face hackings.

So play it safe, be nice on social media. If you argue with someone unknown, thinking you won’t be caught, or that person cannot get you, you’re mistaken. If that person knows the hacking method or knows someone who knows hacking, you can suffer much.

So it’s better not to get into an argument or fight on social media.

Professional method

This method is the last but not least. This securing method is only for professionals. Cause, as an individual, it’s normal if you can’t afford it.

In this method, you need to hire a hacker. Suppose you’re a business person or public figure, there is a huge possibility of your account getting hijacked.

So hire a professional hacker who will try to hack your account. If your account gets hacked, that means it has a vulnerability. The hacker will tell you what changes you should bring to make the account most vital.

This will work as a self-test.

Well, these were the top ten ways to secure your account. Social media is the stimulation of our real life. As in real life, we tend to maintain safety and security either in the house or on the road. In the same way, we should maintain safety and security on social media too.

I hope this article was helpful to you. Try to follow the steps and make your account secure. Thank you for reading. Pass this article to your friends and family who need to know about the safety of social media.