VPN: 7 reasons why you should always use a VPN service

When thinking about VPN services, security aspects are the first thing that comes to mind. But the practical tools can do much more. Fake it directly shows you seven top reasons for a constantly active VPN connection.

VPN providers are known to be useful when it comes to traveling safely on the Internet. But a VPN has a lot more advantages than just protecting you from dangers while surfing the net. Netzwelt has collected 7 top reasons why you should use a VPN service With a VPN you not only have completely new streaming possibilities, you can also save a lot of money.


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1. VPNs protect in public networks

Connect to the hotel WLAN or use the hotspot at the train station – it’s amazing how many people romp around unprotected in public networks every day. With a VPN, you can protect your end device from prying eyes.

2. protection for downloads

If you occasionally download data in the form of torrents from the Internet, this procedure has some dangers. Even if you don’t make illegal downloads, it could look like this to outsiders. The anonymity that the VPN service offers you is a clear advantage here.

3. a VPN makes online shopping cheaper

There are websites that determine prices based on origin, operating system or other factors. In tests, for example, flights have been offered much more cheaply when booked from a neighbouring country. Overall, this type of price control seems to be particularly widespread in the travel industry. Thanks to VPN service, we were able to book a flight just under 500 US dollars and a rental car even 600 US dollars cheaper in our own tests.

4. stream what you want, when you want with a VPN

Apart from the security aspect, bypassing country blocks is probably the most well-known function of VPN services. Whether Netflix, Disney+ or Amazon: no one likes to wait for their favorite TV show to air in Germany. With a VPN service, you decide what you want to watch.

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5. VPNs also run on Fire TV sticks and TV sets

You probably already know that you can seamlessly integrate a VPN on your computer and your mobile devices. But a VPN service can also be installed on Amazon’s FireTV sticks. This allows you to watch content on TV that may not yet be available in Germany. Even more convenient is the use of a router on which you can install a VPN directly.

6. VPN services prevent snooping from websites and authorities

Websites are curious. This is understandable, after all they want to become better and preferably only write articles that you like to read. But there are also black sheep among the website operators who resell such information. Search engines may save the search queries, the visited websites or the place where you are. And authorities also have an interest in reading your data. With a VPN you can prevent this excessive spying.

7. secure your VoIP phone calls with a VPN

Making phone calls via VoIP is convenient and inexpensive. Although it may cost a little speed, we recommend a VPN service to protect your calls.

Conclusion: Sufficient reasons for a VPN service

No matter for which of the above mentioned reasons you choose a VPN provider, each one is reason enough to spend about 3 Euro per month. We advise against using a free or faked VPN offer!

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