YouTube SEO- the truth behind ranking YouTube videos

How to rank my YouTube videos? What are the secrets? The most asked question for YouTube. Well, this depends on the algorithm of youtube. Not only this but also some key factors are essential for ranking your YouTube videos.

The first thing you should know is how search engine optimization works on youtube and what are the factors that youtube lets you be top on search. All these topics, you’ll get to know in this article. Keep reading to rank your YouTube videos.

A key factor of ranking video on YouTube

You must have heard about the myth that ranking is only a tag and a popular keyword. This trick is not useful in 2020. There has some primary key that can rank your videos :

  • Video quality
  • Thumbnail
  • Title
  • Tag and description
  • Subtitle
  • Hashtag

Video quality:

You might be thinking that video quality means the need for a good camera and edit. People often focus on the high resolution of video and good quality sound.

Yes, the quality of video and sound is a significant factor. But there is another important thing for ranking a video, that is, content. Good content or topic is enough to rate any footage. You’ve to relate with your viewers. If the video you uploaded is relatable enough with your viewers, then the view will automatically increase.

Now you may ask is a robot, how would youtube get to know the video quality. Well, here is a thing called watch time. Youtube makes an algorithm of watch time that viewers spent watching your video. This thing is also known as video engagement. Video engagement also depends on likes, comments, and sharers.

Generally, if you enjoy a particular video, you’ll like and comment on that. Also, it’s usual to share the video with friends and family. So, the more your video quality is good, and youtube will rank your video that soon.


A thumbnail is a front decoration. The thumbnail picture says 50% of your video. Suppose your video has the best quality, but you didn’t focus on the thumbnail. There is a huge possibility of not ranking your video. Also, for counting watch time, the first thing you need to focus on is click. And your viewers will click on your video or not, depends on the thumbnail

Everyone knows that the first impression is the last. And on youtube, the thumbnail works as the first impression. Experts say if you spend 12 hours to make a video, take 18 hours to make the thumbnail. However, it’s just saying to make people understand the importance of thumbnails.

First, understand the importance of thumbnails. Then learn the designing of a good thumbnail. Focusing on thumbnails is a must to rank your video.


As I was saying about the first impression, the title is also one of those things. When you scroll on youtube, the first thing you notice is the thumbnail and title. So get viewers it’s a must, focusing on the video title.

If your video title is magnetic enough, the viewers would love to click and know more about the video. The title is the way is how youtube algorithms catch the people’s relatability to the video. So, if you want to rank the video, keep the focus on the title.

Here is an important point to notice, the title should not mislead the audience. If you put the title just to get clicked and that doesn’t relate your content. This wrong step may restrict/ suspend the youtube channel of yours. Also, your youtube video can get strikes because of using an unrelatable title.

Well, If these three things are perfect, then you’ll automatically get a good rank on your videos. No, you must be thinking about how to reach the audience. Well, for that, you can share the video to social media. Also, youtube itself suggests new videos to the viewers. If viewers don’t click or view that particular suggested video, you’ll keep stopping showing the video on the suggestion list.

Tag and Description

Focusing on the tags and descriptions is another crucial thing to rank your video. A tag tells youtube to which topic your video is related. When someone searches for a specific video, if your video is associated with that topic, youtube will automatically suggest this to the viewers.

Though tag and description have nothing to do with the SEO, if you don’t set the titles and descriptions wisely, it may be a cause of youtube not suggesting your video to the targeted videos.


To improve video engagement and to increase the watch time, subtitles are essential. Try to use subtitles in your video. This one is the way how the viewers out of the region will get to understand your video. Nowadays, people are more likely to focus on content than other things.

If someone feels video content is essential for him/her, but the language is not easy to understand, you might lose the view or good watch time. So, try to provide subtitles with your video.

Also, not everyone can hear your videos. Adding subtitles will make them enjoy your video. not only this, subtitles help to understand new words. So most of the time, viewers prefer watching videos with subtitles.

To satisfy your viewers and rank your videos, you should use subtitles.


The last thing after focusing on all the steps, you should pay attention to the hashtags. A myth years ago that concentrate on hashtags was the first and only thing to rank your video.

Well, this is not true. Significantly, in the year 2020, youtube has already updated its algorithms quite several times. And now, hashtags are one of the last things you need to keep on the list. However, hashtags are essential to take your video on the suggestion list. But it’ll only happen when someone clicks on that hashtag or searches for the hashtag you used.

These are the five things that can make your youtube video SEO friendly. Without focusing on the quality and content, if you’re searching for some shortcuts to rank your video, then sadly, you won’t get any. Youtube has no shortcut to rank your video. It’s only your SEO friendly, high-quality video and, of course, the viewers that can rank your videos.

If the content is reasonable and relatable, the video will automatically rank. So, try to keep the focus on the tips I mentioned here.

Thank you for reading. I hope the article helped you a lot to understand the truth behind ranking your youtube video. Also, don’t forget to share the item to your YouTuber friends. And to them who’re thinking about opening a youtube channel.

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