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Personal Details
Country Uganda Name Daren Kazibwe
Address 948 Vince Mountain Apt. 461    
City Kampala Postcode 45
Gender Male Date Of Birth 8 Oct 1933
Phone 0445 381 820 E-Mail [email protected] (Open Mailbox)
Mother's Maiden Name Tusiime Ethnicity White
Age (Years) 86 Zodiac Sign Libra
Height 1.93 m Weight 71 kg
Hair Color Red Eye Color Green
Financial Details
Credit Card Type MasterCard Credit Card Number 5444048952488387
Credit Card Expiry 10/21 Credit Card CVV2 922
User Name zopega Password &C"J<FX2%}Dh
IPV4 Address IPV6 Address aeef:e43d:cc9d:c5e7:2cb5:a9fb:f77d:2029
User Agent Mozilla/5.0 (Windows 98; Win 9x 4.90; en-US; rv: Gecko/20160112 Firefox/37.0
Qualification PhD Institution Flowerlake Technical College
Employment Details
Company Name Kivumbi and Sons Salary $8528.00 /month
Company Address 48300 Andrew Place Suite 468 Buwenge, WA 5 Job Title Admin
Company Phone 0488702335 Company Email [email protected]
Vehicle Details
Vehicle Barkas (Баркас) 1990 License Plate FXI-655
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